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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Well, who wouldda thought?

I realized while reading all these lovely age/sex/kids/smut posts and comments that I've never, never read any published fiction containing graphic sex.

I was never a voracious reader before a few years ago, and once I did get into reading it was all children's books. Just my tastes.  The most graphic sex I've read has been in A Farewell to Arms, and that's not graphic at all, is it? I do remember reading a bit of The Witching Hour, but I can't entirely get into Anne Rice's writing. It's sort of...eh. So my smut education has been given to me by fanfic. I think I could do better. Or, at least, expand my experience.

I'm going book searching. Before I'm off, any recommendations? Or links to other posts with similar requests? Any book. Trust me, I haven't read it. Sex doesn't have to be extremely graphic---just existent.

Gay, straight, lesbian, or anything else imaginable. I'm not picky!


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Oh yes!

[runs off to find them]

Well, you should try and find any from Cleis Press: their gay/lesbian erotica series of short stories you can find here: I have the Best Gay Erotica on my shelves. It's pretty graphic, some of them are excellent: some I've found fanfiction outdoes. But they have a lot on offer, whether it's gay, lesbian, or het.

Another couple of good ones are:

Lunch by Karen Moline


Belinda by Anne Rice

I probably can find more, but they are the few just off the top of my head.

Thanks for the links! I will look at them.

Well -- for some nice hot gay sex I would recommend "Flesh and the Word 3," which is an anthology of gay erotica that's quite good. It's explicit, and it's not just stories, there are some essays, too. Very well done, I thought. Also anything by Grant Foster is bound to be delicious.

Of course, there's always "Little Birds" and "Delta of Venus" if you like straight erotica -- and if you don't care for Ann Rice, then forget the "Sleeping Beauty" series by A.N. Roquelaure because that's Ann Rice in disguise. Hmmmm. "Lolita" and "The Story of O" are classics, too.

Lolita is definitely one I've been meaning to read, but completely forgot about! Thanks for that. Will look into the others too. :)

:-) Hours and hours of fun, there. Enjoy!

I have a book somewhere in my clutter that I think is called Little Heros, but I'm not sure. I don't even know if it's still in print. I bought mine from a used book store, I believe. On the cover its got a really muscular arm holding up a guitar. the book itself isn't too bad. It's about some nerd gone rock star because of some kind of mind drug or something. Odd but good. :) There is some graphic smut in it. some phone sex too, if I remember correctly. I haven't read it in a while. So, try and see if they've got that one.

Thank you! I looked, but couldn't find it. Perhaps I will ocme across it someday. :)

Try 'The Snow Garden' by Christopher Rice. The sex is gay, not graphic, but strangely erotic and suspenseful. Plus, the story on its own is absolutely fantastic. It's quite a mystery.

Aha! I've been meaning to read that, but forgot about it since. Thanks.

I have these three books called...Well shit, let me think about this for a second since they are about 6,000 miles away fromme! OH YES. Called 'The History of Erotica' and it's excerpts from all kinds of naughty books/poems from years and years back. There's also naughtypictures! It's <3ly.

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