Natt (nattish) wrote,

Well, who wouldda thought?

I realized while reading all these lovely age/sex/kids/smut posts and comments that I've never, never read any published fiction containing graphic sex.

I was never a voracious reader before a few years ago, and once I did get into reading it was all children's books. Just my tastes.  The most graphic sex I've read has been in A Farewell to Arms, and that's not graphic at all, is it? I do remember reading a bit of The Witching Hour, but I can't entirely get into Anne Rice's writing. It's sort So my smut education has been given to me by fanfic. I think I could do better. Or, at least, expand my experience.

I'm going book searching. Before I'm off, any recommendations? Or links to other posts with similar requests? Any book. Trust me, I haven't read it. Sex doesn't have to be extremely graphic---just existent.

Gay, straight, lesbian, or anything else imaginable. I'm not picky!


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