Natt (nattish) wrote,

A rec; about reading and writing fic

--Read this or you will perish, PERISH: Temptation by girlwishing (Harry, Remus; gen; short). Thank you, lycoris for reccing it; you really know how to make a person feel crappy. ;)

--I can only read very short fics lately. I have a good amount of time on my hands, so it's not that. I haven't any patience for reading fanfic anymore, sometimes even if it's outstanding. I was reading A Matter of Trust (Snape/Kinsley Shacklebolt) a couple weeks ago, and it is really, really great, but I can't finish it because it's so effing long. I want to know what will happen; I don't want to put forth the effort.

I think I'm tired of reading about the same characters. I don't want to be tired of HP fanfic! I love it!

I've been doing a lot more writing lately, though. Fanfic only. I'm not great at original fic. I've been veering from my favorite pairings---not only writing pairings that I find unusual but pairings that I don't even like (Harry/Ginny). It's a lot harder to read a pairing you don't like than it is to write it, for me. Still, I always have several Harry/Draco and Harry/Snape fics in the works, even if I post only about 5 or 10% of what I start.

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