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Suffer the random

--This is the prettiest bondage with silky pink ribbons I've ever seen. :D Third pic down.

--Okay. Am I about to rec a list of rec recommendations? Yes, I am:

I am reccing untiemybinds's rec recs, which are here.

--I am still considering the rare pairs ficathon. Will have decision shortly. Not that you're on the edge of your seat or anything. :D

--Things that are annoying me:

* Hearing about Anchor Man
* Hearing about the presidential election
* Hearing about low-carb diets
* Wanting to clean up my desk but being far too comfortable in front of my fandom-o-matic (i.e. computah) to bother
* Wanting to read a book but being drawn away by wanting to write fanfic
* Fanfic

--I can't figure out whether they showed a new episode of Six Feet Under last week. It would be logical if they didn't, as it was the Fourth of July and there wouldn't be as many viewers, but I simply don't know how to tell! Harrumph.

--My paid time is running out and I keep forgetting to pay LJ for more! I felt lucky when they did that free 2 weeks thing a few days back, but now I feel like a dummy for forgetting to put a check in the mail, and tomorrow is Sunday. Will try harder. [/dunce]

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