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Rare pairings ficathon

So. A few weeks ago I was thinking about how there seems to be a challenge, fest, or ficathon for many different pairings. But most of these pairings are, at least, moderately popular. There doesn't seem to be a lot going for the unpopular. And why should there be, right? If you held a challenge, fest, or ficathon for a single unheard-of pairing, you wouldn't have many entries. Then it popped into my head that there should be an entire challenge, fest, or ficathon for the unheard-of, or unpopular---more specifically, for rare pairings. From the likely (Alice Longbottom/Frank Longbottom) to the unlikely (Draco/Dudley).

I went on a search within Livejournal. I found hprarehet, alohomorare, and then, more recently, hprarepairs. I also remembered switchknife's rare slash pairings site. These are all great (believe me, I've scoured them!), but I wanted to generate a large amount of fic in a small amount of time, for both het and slash.

It seems to me that the best way to do that is to have a ficathon. Lots of people want to see a pairing written that they don't want to write or don't know how to write themselves, after all. Everyone who participates gets something in return. If, for some reason, you don't know what a ficathon is, it is an event like so: you submit two pairings (or scenarios) to be written for you, and someone will write at least one; in return you must write someone else's (just one is mandatory, though you may write more if you wish). You don't know who is writing your fic until you get it.

There are a lot of ficathons and challenges floating around, I know. Being ever-hesitant, I will conduct this poll to calculate interest before I take the leap. Tell your buddies, please! :)

Poll #318936 Rare pairings ficathon

Would you participate in a ficathon for rare pairings?

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