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New Icon

I rather like my new Daniel Johns icon.

Ever since a few months ago, when I saw pictures of the lead singer of my favorite band, Silverchair--whose music is practically the only to which I listen--I thought, that Daniel Johns looks pretty damned close to the Draco residing in my mind!--Or, at least, the Draco residing in my mind once he's aged a few years. Their resemblance to each other was an amazing coincidence (in most of Dan's pictures anyway), hence, I have decided why shouldn't Daniel Johns be Draco Malfoy, damn it? I will one day rope him up, strip him down, dress him up, and spin him 'round [in tight Slytherin quidditch pants]. Dan!Draco lives. Tom Felton is a great Draco; I imagined my Draco a little ways more feminine in the face for whatever reason!

My icons are horrible looking. They have a certain "speckley-ness" because I haven't a proper editing program. One can only do so much with Microsoft Photo Editor.

Interesting article! Not new facts, really, but it is always a joy to read something HP oriented. I was angry with the author, as I felt he was insulting the books, until the end.

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