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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

New Icon

I rather like my new Daniel Johns icon.

Ever since a few months ago, when I saw pictures of the lead singer of my favorite band, Silverchair--whose music is practically the only to which I listen--I thought, that Daniel Johns looks pretty damned close to the Draco residing in my mind!--Or, at least, the Draco residing in my mind once he's aged a few years. Their resemblance to each other was an amazing coincidence (in most of Dan's pictures anyway), hence, I have decided why shouldn't Daniel Johns be Draco Malfoy, damn it? I will one day rope him up, strip him down, dress him up, and spin him 'round [in tight Slytherin quidditch pants]. Dan!Draco lives. Tom Felton is a great Draco; I imagined my Draco a little ways more feminine in the face for whatever reason!

My icons are horrible looking. They have a certain "speckley-ness" because I haven't a proper editing program. One can only do so much with Microsoft Photo Editor.

Interesting article! Not new facts, really, but it is always a joy to read something HP oriented. I was angry with the author, as I felt he was insulting the books, until the end.

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i have a few comments-
1. that daniel johns guy would make a great draco *that is only if tom won't do it anymore* heeheehee..(i just adore tom)
2.i really hate it when people talk about the HP series being children's books...they are so much more than that, do you agree?
3. hummm...a harry potter book with an adult's only sticker on the cover...that could be interesting...!!!!!!!!

1. Yay! Someone who agrees! Yes, I think Tom is a great Draco, too.
2. Agreed! That is very annoying. In fact, it pleases me that they become darker and scarier (and longer!) with each passing book. As it moves into a more complicated zone, it becomes more teen/adult oriented. I do wonder what JKR's intention's are for whom the series is directed.
3.An adult's only sticker...we can only dream!

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