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Book 6 title rant

Am all shaky. Want to know. WAH.

Can't possibly think of who the half-blood prince could be. Maybe someone we don't know yet? I mean, I have thoughts, but none of them are relevant to the situation of the books: Seamus, Zabini...

lycoris jokes Snape in her journal. Hee. I wish, I wish.


Do we know about his blood? He would be logical.

How does that relate to book 2, though?

Lockhart? Whee!

HAGRID? He's the, er, biggest half-blood of them all. He could be crowned Half-blood Prince of the Giants! No? Okay, maybe not, but it sounds neat to me. He still has Grawp around, after all, and he could take Grawp back to the giants and Grawp would be all, "Yo, this dog is da shizzle" and the giants would be like, "Wanna hang wit da posse?" and Hagrid would be all, "Yeah, I'm down wit dat" and they would all be like, "Wanna be our pimp prince, yo?" and Hagrid would be all, "You know it, bitches."

But we don't find out Hagrid is a half-blood until book 4. So. Maybe not.

Maybe Rowling is playing games. Maybe she says it's not Voldemort and means that it is Tom Riddle. Even though she says it's not Voldemort, he still seems the most obvious choice.

Maybe Colin Creevey is Harry's long lost brother! :D :D :D

Or not.


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