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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

pickiness; het; tree frog

(1) If an author is going to have one male character pick up another male character, I would much appreciate it if the author would spend the smallest amount of time indicating one or the other character's size during any previous part of the fic. When there are no specifications, I will apply my preferred physical attributes to the characters at hand, and it disrupts my fic-reading-experience when a character I am imagining to be flimsy and thin effortlessly picks up a character I am imagining to have rather a lot of mass. This disruption can range anywhere from stopping in the middle of the fic and saying "Ger!" to stopping in the middle of the fic to write a picky rant, which I will post in my Livejournal.


(2) I'm writing het. Whee!

(3) A tree frog just fell from nowhere and landed on my desk. No kidding. That would be stick frog to some of you folks. Perhaps it goes by another name too. One of those tiny, tiny buggers. Sticky. Live in trees? Or at least in the grass. He just plopped on my desk from presumably Heaven. I loved him briefly. Then I stuck him outside. I hope The Cat doesn't munch him up. That would be sticky too.

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I loved him briefly. Then I stuck him outside.

This cracked me up, as does your "fairy godmother Snape" icon. Are you in the rainforest somewhere, that a tree frog should just fall out of the sky? I've never seen one in the wild, and I'm a little envious. All we have around here right now are those crappy little brown junebugs.

Hee hee. No, I'm in a suburb that just happens to have an abundance of these little froggie fellers.

Fairy Snape exists by way of _hdcomic :)

Your icon = YES! I love.
I get mice in my tub and you get tree frogs on your desk. I think I'd prefer a (non poisonous) tree frog to a rodent ;)

When I first read your entry I thought you were meaning pick up like "hey, want to go to my place for a drink." Light dawns and tada! I guess we all have our images of a character's physical attributes in our minds. When what we read and what we see in our mind's eye don't mesh it can be rather unpleasant.

Tree frogs are too damn cute. My kids called me up to their bathroom last summer to investigate the tree frog clinging to the toilet tank. I never did get them to confess to bringing in the house. Now you tell me that they just drop from the sky. I don't think kitties like frogs.

You should believe your kids: tree frogs are sneaky little things! I've caught three of them in the house in the last few weeks. :)

Mousies in the tub! That sounds fun to me, though it's probably a nuisance. :( I've just never seen a real live mouse unless it's in a cage.

Thank you! My icon is the artwork of _hdcomic

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