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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Mimsy's mistakes; Natt's Naughtiness

Today I actually had dinner with the family. Isn't that incredible? Later tonight, my mother came back into the room (she left to put away her shopping) and told me not to go into their room looking for birthday presents. (I don't know why they bother--I have honestly never been the type to search for birthday or Christmas gifts. It ruins the surprise!) Little did my mother realize, was that she had come back into the room holding an empty Virgan Records bag. Not too smooth, Mim. I almost wish that I had not been, as my father promptly labeled me, mischievous, and pointed her mistake out to her. Now she is slightly irritated. I am not a kind individual, she often puts it. I think I am quite kind--but cannot resist making others squirm if there is a good reason. I don't think tonight's event ranked terribly high-up on the Naughty-ickle-Natt scale.

Today I wondered, during the daily drive home, why on earth do people like me? Why in Salzar's name do I have friends?--Not Internet friends, but "real life" friends. As said before, I like to believe I am basically kind. I'd never kick a fellow while he was down, (unless he were a hobo in a gutter--what? It's motivation!); I'd never take candy from a child (unless he were my bloody nephew--little fucker's going to give himself cavities!); and I'd never de-gut an infected squirrel to serve its innards to a local homeless shelter of illegal immigrants(...actually, I probably would). The point, however, is that despite the fact that most all of my closest acquaintances in "real life" label me as "the quiet, malicious one, who is the most insensitive and prejudiced prat I know"--they still associate with me! They smile, and they buy me presents; even babies stare and gurgle at me (I hate children. I frown at them, also). Most of my "insensensitivies" are a put-on (yes, including my plot to construct a giant tank in which to torturous-ly drown all illegals). Perhaps they understand that, though I say not a word, but glower constantly at them, my "morbidness"--I don't think I'm morbid, either--is a show. I either have very stupid, or very intelligent acquaintances.

For some reason, I am considerably more pleasant on the Internet--that is something for which I am thankful.

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*giggle* You are a naughty one, aren't you. I shall have to call Draco to spank you for that one-- Wait. No. You'd like that. Snape then-- No. You'd like that too... Shit. *wink* Anyway, shame on you for being perfectly honest.

And I suppose you probably have extremely intelligent friends because you seem like a marvelous person, and therefore those who are not associating with you are all prats. Nutters, as Ronniekins would say. ;-)

Oh, and btw... I was guffawing through most of that update... In case you were wondering.

You had me giggling through that comment, Katie (and I am generally not a giggler). No, no--I've been bad, punish me with a trip to the Hogwarts dungeons! I wish.

Guffawing? That's great. I was wondering if someone--anyone--would scold me for being horrible, as some around these parts put it. So, thanks!

*grin* Hee hee *does the I-Got-Natt-to-Giggle dance*

Yes, you're bad. BAD! I must send you to spend a detention with Sevvie-erm. Sexius-uh. Snapey-poo-Bugger. I suppose I'm not gonna be able to get away with a non-adorable nickname for everyone's favorite Potions Master. *wink* yes. Go see the Babe-a-licious!Snape that everyone in fanfic world knows and loves... (Maybe her really does look like Alan Rickman... *swoon*)

And as for you being horrible... Well you're really not. You just pointed out Mummy's boo-boo. Not your fault you're too bloody observant! *wink*

*runs off to do the I-Got-Natt-to-Giggle dance some more* Bye!

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