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The Terminal in replacement of PoA

Last night, at 10, I went to see PoA for the third time; but one of the employees at the theater asked my friend and I if we'd like to see The Terminal for free instead of PoA, because, you see, our small, local theater is run by a pack of lazy teenagers who don't feel like setting up projectors when they don't absolutely have to. We said we didn't mind, but only afterward did the employee tell us we'd have to come back at 11 to see it. "Oh, well," we thought. "It's free, after all." Plus, the terminal is not meant to come out until today, so the mild thrill of seeing it an hour in advance flowed through us. Whoo. We returned at 11 to find that the movie in the same theater in which The Terminal was to be played was running late, so we hung around the theater until midnight, declining free popcorn and noticing just what a horrible paint job the place has. It wasn't until 12:30 that we were seated. We were the only ones there, apart from all the theater employees watching it with us. It was a fun and interesting experience.

How is Tom Hanks so charming is all of his movies? *hearts*

The only bad part about last night was that my candy bar melted in my pocket, so I couldn't eat it without getting all sticky, wah.

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