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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

Chan and rape and things.

This was going to be an mpreg community post; then I became distracted. It was going to be a political post; I became distracted again. Now: Chan!

I don't know how to respond to chan-related posts because they oftentimes revolve around the mental abuses of the child, and I don't generally associate sex with the mind, meaning I don't understand how one could be severely affected in the head from something that happened to his/her body. I know it happens to other people, but I personally am not built that way. Sex = humping bodies and spouting juices. Not scary. Sure, when I write fic I tie the sex into the characters' thoughts and feelings (or else I wouldn't have a reasonable excuse to put sex in the fic!), but when I read fic, chan in this case, I don't want to think about all this unpleasant psychological stuff.

I've written a couple chan pieces, and neither of them with the original intent to convey some sort of responsible message or a message of the consequences of adult/child activities, because I don't believe there need to be consequences. From personal experience, not every child who goes through some sort of forced sexual ordeal is affected by it for the worse. In RL, sometimes the child thinks nothing of it, and if he says there's nothing wrong with him after the ordeal, then there's a good chance there just isn't.

On the side: I think I've figured out why I hate movies about rape--the victims are usually such weepy whiners that I can't relate.

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I don't understand how one could be severely affected in the head from something that happened to his/her body
Yes! At least that's how I've felt, and how I feel, about having been raped. And it's strange, because now the worst thing is that I feel that talking about that is a kind of taboo, because people get all "oh, ack, how terrible, I can't even think about that", and - like I've said at gmth's thread, I don't feel it's such a big deal.

I can see how people can be mentally and emotionally affected by physical things like rape, though it's not that way for me. Physical things affect me physically and emotional and mental things affect me emotionally and mentally.

But with chan, we're talking about a naive little kid and an adult authority figure.

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