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Art rec; flea; mpreg comm; a play; basketball

*I recommend you click the following and look at this art of the Gryffindor common room: tra, la, la. It is enjoyably colorful and pleasing to the imagination.

*I believe there is a flea in my room: there are four tiny red bumps on my arm. Also, they itch. They are in a straight line, as if Mr. Flea was not satisfied with his current bite of flesh for three consecutive inspections until he at last came upon the perfect blood-well. What a selfish person.

When I itch on one part of the body and suspect an intruding bug, the rest of me starts to itch. It is similar to when you partake of a documentary on bugs, or other small, crawly things, and you feel the urge to scratch even though you are sitting in your clean living room. I have great dissatisfaction!

*Because of circumstances that are unpleasant in one regard but very pleasant in another, I am now in control of hp_mpreg. Only after I came into control did I realize that I didn't know the first thing about running a community or keeping it going; this is less than good, since the community appears idle. I notice that regular challenges keep communities going, so that is one option. I don't know how many challenges one can create for an mpreg community, though. I will think on it.

*I have finished reading The Good Woman of Setzuan.

*Yet another Sacramento Kings night. Joyous me.

Edit: Overtime. Squee.

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