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Snapey; and Natt's Nitpicking

A Waste of My Time (and yours)? Probably!

I spent a great deal of a lecture today daydreaming of Harry Potter and fanfic and such. I, like many others I am sure, am dropping back and forth between prefered pairings. The couple on my mind at the moment was Severus and Harrry--the gorgeous dark-haired duo! Needing the day to end so that I would be permitted to return to my lappy, I imagined various scenes from If You Are Prepared, a superb fic by cybele_san! (It is very long, which makes it all the better, therefore I recommend being comfy-cozy if you plan on reading it!) That led me into thinking about Snape in general... and then to mainly thinking of canon!Snape.

I recall (and I am sure most other do as well!) that Snape was described to have crooked yellow teeth and greasy hair. Now then, I may seem vain while I write this, but in most Harry/Snape that I have read Snape is described (when from Harry's perspective) as quite beautiful. That may be a result of Harry's love for the man causing nothing about him to appear flawed; yet a huge number of these fics start off as lust and then love (or extreme like) follows. I don't know whether I am nitpicking when I state why on earth would Harry be attracted to yellow crooked teeth and greasy hair? Yes, those are two small details and often excuses are used, such as things similar to... reality, Snape's hair wasn't greasy. It was only shiningly healthy! Please. I did enjoy that excuse the first time I read it, but any person with good eye-sight (WHICH MAY BE HARRY'S EXCUSE!) can tell the difference between greasy and extremely glossy hair.

I have read words like And then Snape smiled--the first REAL smile Harry'd every seen on his face. Not a smirk, but a grin. It made him look all the more beautiful A GRIN implies teeth. Teeth, which are criss-crossed throughout one another and stained are not in my opinion of features with which Snape might gain Harry's infatuation.

Are we simply disregarding blatant canon information for the sake of a midnight romp and a few inter-house cuddles?--Not necessarilly. There are many authors who simply do not mention Snape's looks at all. The reader already knows what the man looks like--we're smart enough to imagine him for ourselves, right? Yup. That, in the words of this devout Harry/Severus shipper, is the way to go if one does not wish to squick one's readers. I have enjoyed the "glamour charm" (or something of the sort) excuse in order for Snape to "keep away people or admirers" in very few fics. Surprisingly, in some situations, the blasted thing can be put to good use! This is rare, though! While some reasons were rational, most were for...shall we say pretty-boy purposes?

Admittedly, I am a great example of an author whose characters are thoroughly OOC! Never have I written SS/HP, but my (posted) DM/HP stories are firmly OOC... There is even less an excuse, I believe, for ignoring physical characteristics of someone--especially someone so clearly described! In conclusion, damn it, don't fucking change the way a man looks because you'd like him to fit your fantasy mold.

If I did mention something horrible that you have done, and have made you pout, I apologize for insulting you, though not for saying what I have said. Oh, and none of my frustration was directed at the story mentioned above.

Any thoughts?

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