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Thoughts on Queer as Folk character Brian (#2)

I made a post last week on Brian and the changes in his character (which can be found here). I've come to a conclusion, based on tonight's episode.

Last week I wrote that Brian had "lost the flow of his character," that something about him seemed off . I didn't like the newfound niceness in him, and I still don't, but when I look at it now I think I see a plausible reason for this change. Many of the characters are in some sort of trouble, or are going to be in some sort of trouble. There needs to be a strong character to balance things out and to help them. Brian was in a load of shit at the end of last season and the very beginning of this one, during which many in the cast pulled together and helped him; now he is recovering just as many of the other characters are going through the toughest and most dramatic times we've ever seen them in---and now Brian, the new Brian, who deep down is grateful for the support he received, will be the one to come to the rescue:

(1) Emmett was feeling terrible for the past few episodes (and acting irrational, in my opinion), and Brian was the one to talk some sense into him.

(2) Michael was having a tough time dealing with his declining relationships with both Teddy and Emmett. While Ben is around and able to look after Michael, Brian knows Teddy and Emmett better than Ben does and he has more history with Michael and is more protective of him. Brian did make Emmett feel better about things (as mentioned in #1), but he did it for Michael. Add that to Brian going out with the group to watch Teddy sing at the Italian restaurant, the one whose food Brian was so appalled by; I'd put money down that he wouldn't have bothered going if it weren't Michael who was so worked up about making Teddy feel better.

(3) Teddy---we all know what he's going through. And if you watched the preview for next week's show, you know that it's going to be Brian to offer him a job in his new business. Very fitting.

(4) I think it's obvious that Justin is in the midst of making a huge mistake in his life. With the help of Cody, he is committing the same behavior that he is supposedly trying to prevent. It is disgusting me to watch this and anticipate that he will be in some deep shit come next episode, or one further down the road, and I can't help but think, since Brian is the one most concerned with Justin's activities now, that Brian will be the one there for him (and scolding him like mad) when he fucks up and needs help climbing out of the hole he's dug himself into.

Though Brian has acted the hero many, many times before this season, I think we will be seeing a lot more of it in no time. Coincidentally, didn't Brian give Justin a little talk about playing the hero just this episode?

One the side: My favorite point in tonight's show was Brian's protectiveness of Michael when Emmett was being rude to him. What was the line? Something like, if you're messing with Michael then it is my business. (I know that's exactly not it! Can anyone tell me?) I understand why the concept of a Brian/Michael relationship is appealing (heaven knows they care for each other), but I think it would diminish their friendship in a way. Part of what makes them so lovely when they are together is that they don't need romance or sex to have a strong love for one another. That is a beautiful thing for Brian in particular. I love the friendship they have and don't want anything to hinder it.

Also: The longish jean jacket thingy that Brian was wearing just before he went into that old building to take pictures? Ugly. He was too skinny-looking in it; even Gale Harold couldn't pull that atrocious thing off (though I wish he would have---blargh).

Also, also: I don't like the character Blake. He is extremely patronizing, which is extremely annoying. I don't like the actor much either. I think he's the least talented of anyone in the cast; that is, unless it's just the awkwardness in his character that I'm seeing, in which case he's a very good actor. :D

Okay, just one more: The kiss between Justin and Cody---oh, my, yes, delicious, yes, yes, even though I dislike Cody (that fucker!), yes, hot, delicious, yes.

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