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Anatomical Natt


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Daniel Johns.

Thoughts Queer as Folk character Brian.

Not to bash Gale Harold's acting, but Brian has seemed slightly off to me.

Does anyone else think he has, sort of, lost the flow of Brian's character within these first two episodes? What I mean is that compared to the last episode of season three and the first episode of season four, his personality has changed quite dramatically for the small amount of time that was supposed to have passed. A bit of rudeness shines through here and there (when Ted returned from rehab Brian made an effort to hurt his feelings, and when Michael returned his car in its wrecked state Brian was pretty angry), but overall he seems like a much nicer guy; and I think that is unbelievable.

Particularly toward Justin, Brian is being very sweet. I don't buy the "He's in Love" excuse. Brian obviously loved Justin before this season, but he wasn't nearly as lovey-dovey as he was now. And he was able to show that he cared for Justin while maintaining the bastard within. While it would be believable if applied over time, I don't think the change works at the moment.

On the bright side, I have been enjoying Brian's independent launch back into the advertising world. He has proved himself very creative and the same cunning, manipulative fellow by beating out his own campaign. I'm sure he will be successful---he always has!

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I agree with you on Brian being all nice now. It happened way too fast, but hey, whatever! The show is still great and I still enjoy it, I just think that they should have slowed down the transition a bit!

Oh, I still enjoy it too. I love it when Brian pokes fun at people (which I think works whether in his "ruder state" or "nicer state"), like when he was talking to Teddy this episode about there being only one place to go after you reach bottom:

"Rhymes with..." Brian held up his coffee cup.

"Up!" Teddy said.

It made me cackle.

Just the same, it disappoints me that he is so different; and I don't know whether I should be disapointed in Gale's acting or in the director or the writers.

But! Nothing I can do about it. :)

I honestly think that it's the directors and the writers! Gale is just doing what they told him to do. This is suppossed to be the season when they all grow up! I believe that Brian becoming somewhat of a pussy is part of that! Oh well, Gale's HOTTT and that's really all that matters! He could be mean (or nice) to me anyday!

I disagree about Gale just doing what the directors and writers tell him to do. See my reply to another poster for details, if you want.

And, hee, though Gale is good-looking, if all I wanted from a show was pretty guys I'd download more gay porn. ;)

I see your point and understand about they pretty boys and porn, I was just kidding about that! But I do believe that they wanted Brian to grow and they just did it waaay to fast. I feel that it isn't too bad, it just should have been stretched out a bit more.

erm yeah i agree, when i saw the clips for this season i was a bit taken aback by brian's sudden growth and maturity. it's like in season 1 he was this adolescent cuaght in a grown man's body but now in season 4 he's becoming someone whom ppl can really rely on and stuffs. it's a bit odd and seems totally outta character but when you think about it, if he's really in love with justin then love changes ppl you know.
i notice that whenever you write characters such a brian you think 'oh i'll never change him, he's always be uncompromising' but when the character falls in love and what not they do end up changing.
so i guess it's his thing for justin that made him this way. i think it'll be interesting to see this new side of him.

but i agree that the change does seem a bit drastic for supposedly however much time had passed from s3 to s4

Hmm, I don't know. You can believe what you like, but I don't think the "in love" thing makes any sense, especially if they want to make the show seem realistic---especially if that realistic aspect is in reference to Brian's personal change. If love is going to change anyone, it's not going to change them so quickly or drastically, even if it's not Brian (but you agree with me there, I think, from your post); or, at least, in my opinion it sounds far too melodramatic for believability.

personally i think qaf gave up on 'believability' a LONG time ago aha.
i mean i like the show and all but it's turned into a glorified soap opera at this point and i can't take it seriously anymore @.@;
the only reason i keep watching is 'cuase of the brian x justin thing.

I thought the same exact thing. I don't much like this newer, nicer side of him. But it's Brian! So I still luv the guy. ;) I'd blame it on the writers. Gale's just doing what they tell him to. :|


Nah, it's not all on the writers. It's not as though actors are puppets to sling themselves about according to the script's directions. The majority of characterization comes from the actor's personal interpretation---in this case, Gale is conveying Brian's moods and feelings and little things that make him seem nicer (example: running his hands sweetly through Justin's hair, etc), not the writers. Otherwise, they could have grabbed anyone off the street to play the part.

Perhaps the director, though, could do some explaining! :)

Yeah, I see what you mean. True, true.

example: running his hands sweetly through Justin's hair, etc
I say that's just Gale's love for Randy! >:D lol. j/k.

Perhaps the director, though, could do some explaining!
They better! ;)


I say that's just Gale's love for Randy! >:D lol. j/k.

Yeah, I wish. :D! Would be very cute. I think Gale is straight, though. :)

I think Gale is straight, though.

So, he says...hehe. ;D

Hahaha. The truth will shine through in time.

He's straight and has a very pretty girlfriend.

Heh, I know. I was just foolin'. ;P Although I didn't know he had a very pretty girlfriend...

First of all, I love silverchair and worship at the altar of Daniel Johns.

Secondly, I completely agree that the show has taken on a completely different spin. I believe that if they had a longer period of time, the show would be written in a more constructive and well thought out manner. But, with a show like this, it's difficult to shove substance into 14 episodes. Brian had to speed it up in order to get wherever he'll be going in a future.

I personally enjoy seeing Brian more affectionate to Justin but they still haven't reached the stage of ... conversation. Every confrontation just, ends. There's no resolution. Justin usually walks away. Brian and Justin are by far my favorite characters, Gale and Randy are brilliant actors but unfortunately because of the pace of the show, it seems like they've had to speed up the maturation process. It's supposed to be a few days after 314 but it seems more like months.

And finally, you're a Northern California-close-to-Sacramento QaF fan? That's unheard of, lol.

Yes, you're probably right. If they had more time, they would have made more sense of the change. Still, I don't really see why the change in Brian was needed. I think his relationship with Justin could function if he were being the same old him. But maybe there's something I'm not seeing?

I agree with what you said about resolutions. It makes sense for the two of them if you think about it: Brian is, well, Brian---he doesn't express his feelings a whole lot, for fear of damaging his pride. And Justin is very romantic, so I don't think he quite wants to talk about his and Brian's confrontations any more than he absolutely has to; he wants to get right back to the cuddling and smooching and happiness. Though, if they keep that up, I don't think their relationship will turn out as smooth as it's looking right now.

Yes, I am. Are you a Northern-California-close-to-Sacramento, Silverchair-loving, Queer-as-Folk-loving fan as well? That would be doubly unheard of! Triply! :D

I think that we're slowly moving toward something in the Brian and Justin relationship and they needed Brian to become softer in order for it to happen. I'm not too sure. At this point, I leave it to the writers, never a great thing to do.

I'm a Southern-California-soon-returning-to-Sacramento, Silverchair-loving, Queer-as-Folk-infatuated/obsessive-fan! That's soooo awesome! How are things in Marysville? Any improvements on the Amphitheatre? Ha.

As with all things Brian and Justin, huge shift in character are made quickly. Did you think at the beginning of 122 that Brian would wind up at the prom? Did you think he would not go see Justin for six weeks while he was in the hospital? Did you think he would piss on Justin's artwork? All the time they make him do things that are wildly out of character but I think that's part of the character itself. Brian's original facade was just that, a facade. There have always been loving parts of Brian that he hid from view. i.e. Brian telling Justin to forget about his dad while he snuck off to visit his own father.

Remember early season 2 Brian and what he turned out to be. Remember early season 3 Brian and how much he changed. Part of Cowlip's take on Brian is that he seesaws back and forth between the man inside and the face he puts on for the public.

very astute observations, reboot!!

I actually *love* the way Brian has been written in season 4. It's *very* believable for someone in his position. In only a matter of months, his boyfriend cheated on him and dumped him, he got fired from his job, he acquired a debt of over a 100,000, he's about to lose his loft, etc, etc.

Lots of little things that add up and make a person sit back and *really* weigh what's important in their lives. Personally, this growth in Brian's character is very refreshing.

Yeah. We agree. I think the change in him makes perfect sense; it's just the abruptness of the change is what's awkward.

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