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Thoughts Queer as Folk character Brian.

Not to bash Gale Harold's acting, but Brian has seemed slightly off to me.

Does anyone else think he has, sort of, lost the flow of Brian's character within these first two episodes? What I mean is that compared to the last episode of season three and the first episode of season four, his personality has changed quite dramatically for the small amount of time that was supposed to have passed. A bit of rudeness shines through here and there (when Ted returned from rehab Brian made an effort to hurt his feelings, and when Michael returned his car in its wrecked state Brian was pretty angry), but overall he seems like a much nicer guy; and I think that is unbelievable.

Particularly toward Justin, Brian is being very sweet. I don't buy the "He's in Love" excuse. Brian obviously loved Justin before this season, but he wasn't nearly as lovey-dovey as he was now. And he was able to show that he cared for Justin while maintaining the bastard within. While it would be believable if applied over time, I don't think the change works at the moment.

On the bright side, I have been enjoying Brian's independent launch back into the advertising world. He has proved himself very creative and the same cunning, manipulative fellow by beating out his own campaign. I'm sure he will be successful---he always has!
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