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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Look here, right here.


A Gen Ficathon at saeva's journal.

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I think I might wanna do that...

If I can wrap my mind around something like that. Hmm. Can Katie do Gen? Hmm...

Katie CAN do gen. *takes out whip*

Katie WILL do gen. :D:D:D:D

I'm in a goofy mood, ignore me, ignore me.......

Yeah yeah. Katie can do gen. Mm hmm. Sure. *pbth*

I love your Petunia idea, btw.

If I really am gonna do this, I have to think up two good fic ideas.

But dammit, I don't particularly like fics in the Marauder era. *pout*

*sigh* I'll think of something...

*loffs Goofy!Natt*

"But dammit, I don't particularly like fics in the Marauder era. *pout*"

*grins* Well, you don't have to request anything with that and with any luck they'll be plenty of suggestions outside of that era. Personally, I'm hoping for some Tom Riddle stuff.

This is, obviously, the, er, mod (is that the word for it?) of the Gen Ficathon.

Please join us. *pimps pathetically* *grins*

- Andrea.

*flushes* To be honest, I'm basically a nearly-only-Harry's-era girlie. It's sad, but true... *is a Harry and Draco whore*

I got a bit of an OMG moment when I saw the email with your LJ name in it for a minute because my head went 'um, did I post a comment in the window that her ficathon is in and not realize it?!?' but then I read the comment and it's all good. *snerk*

Don't mind me. I ramble occasionally. Natt can tell you. I'm a bit batty.

And I'll probably join up... As long as I have time/ideas.

Even if I don't join up, though, I know a place or two to go pimp the idea, so I could do that at the very least. *grin*

*waves* Nice meeting you!

"Even if I don't join up, though, I know a place or two to go pimp the idea, so I could do that at the very least. *grin*"

That would be much welcomed, even if you don't join. Though, of course, I'd like everyone to join. *grins* I'm determined to get this off the ground, oh yes.

Nice to meet you too!

- Andrea.

Hmm, have you thought about pimping this at challengefinder or at the yahoo!group HP gen? They're both pretty small places, but they're places, nonetheless.

Don't worry... I'll probably join by the end of it... but there's an LJ comm that's all about pimpage. So I'm gonna hop over there and pimp. Many of the people over there are HP kids, so I'll pimp there.


I love your Petunia idea, btw.

Thanks! I think I'm starting to become a really big fan of the Dursleys for some reason.


You are an odd one, I'll tell you that. Actually liking the Dursleys... *shakes head* Dear me.

Then again I can't talk much, because I redeemed the Harry/Dudders relationship in one of my fics.

Still. They're painfully annoying...

OO! Just got a killer idea for this! Okay! That's one!

*pulls out the happy dance icon*

*eyes Natt* And why are you not on Y!M, girlie! *pokes*

The Dursley's are very interesting! I wish Rowling would add more of them into the books...I should go find some Dursley!Fic; am in the mood now.

Am not on because I'm never on and Y!M is the devil. Or one of the devil's cousins.

Yeah, I suppose... Actually that idea I thought up as I was writing out my last comment to you is a Dursley idea. I have to think up another good idea, but at least I have one, right?

Y!M isn't the devil. It's got good smilies!

Hey, just wondering why you friended me.

I friended you back, by the way. :-)

Hmm, you know, I don't recall in the least. But more likely than not, it has to do with fanfic. :)

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