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Medi...mediwhat? Mediwho?

If I'm not mistaken, the term "mediwizard" is a fanon concept? I have no clue what to call a wizarding doctor when he's not actually one who fixes injuries (as opposed to one who checks to see whether Draco Malfoy is pregnant! :D), because certainly "Healer" would not suffice for that. Unless it's one of those overall terms, like when we call lip balm "chap stick" even though the brand isn't Chapstick or when we call tissues 'kleenex' even though they're not Kleenex's tissues. Do you...know...what I...?


Am always so confused.

EDIT: It has been suggested by wishwords and katiethewriter that "medi-witch" is a canon term, and I must say I agree. Now--to find reference in the books. :D

EDIT 2: katiethewriter and her lovah Jeff are the Huffly Huffles of My Heart today: "'It's a time-out!" yelled Bagman's voice, 'as trained mediwizards hurry onto the field to examine Aidan Lynch!'" (Goblet of Fire, American edition, page 108)
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