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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

Harry Potter Movie News Rantings

I tend not to be emotional, therefore, I may regret this in a day's time...

This is outrageous! I am not a Sean Biggerstaff enthusiast, but I am an enthusiast of playing by the books--THE books! I realize that PoA, being such a long story, which they needed to cut down to movie-length, was necessary to hack up into pieces. Still, quidditch was a BIG--well...not BIG really--part of book 3. I can recall now, in my mind, how excited Oliver Wood was that quidditch season! How hard he trained that damned team until they had the cup! And it was the FIRST time that Gryffindor won the house quidditch cup in quite a while, was it not? I'm making assumptions that, simply because they yanked Wood from The Prisoner of Azkaban, they yanked quidditch, also--it only makes sense I think. Though, yes, I agree that quidditch is not crucial to the plot of that story, it is a good, semi-significant part of that particular book.

AND JUST THINK! No quidditch next movie, right? (I am letting my assumptions lead me.) There was no quidditch season in the Goblet of Fire either. This means that we slashers and fans of Hogwarts boys in general will not be seeing Daniel Radcliffe OR Tom Felton (or any other quidditch participant) in almost-tight-enough-so-that-I-may-see-the-outline-of-his-manly-regions quidditch trousers until MOVIE 5! The nerve! I was so looking forward to it! Does anyone else realize what kind of growing those boys will be doing soon... and now there will be an extra--what?--three or four years of waiting until they are seen in quidditch robes again! I don't know of the rest of the world, but I am willing to gather a petition and a group of protesters demanding a MALE HOGWARTS STUDENTS SPEEDO PARADE as compensation during one of the remaining books!

WAIT! Does this mean that CHO CHANG will not be featured either? (Hopefully so; my jealousy causes me to dislike the girl.) The only time she comes up is during quidditch when Harry notices that she is pretty. In fact, she is not needed at all--his big crush on her is not entirely clear until GoF! Merlin, help us...

Here is the proof and reason for my entry.

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okay this is off the subject...although i love biggerstaff and wish we could see him in the next one...anyways...who is agnus dei??? because along time ago...about 10 yrs ago...i had a boyfriend in a band called agnus dei...they played a few shows in hollywood but i am just wondering who this band is...thanks!

Actually, I have never heard of a band called Agnus Dei, but that is a pretty neat name to call a band if I do say so myself. The phrase (translated as well as I know Latin) means Lamb of God. The Agnus Dei which I mentioned is the name of a very old religous song (I believe) sung, in this case, by the Vienna Boys Choir. I am not particularly religous; I do however, enjoy chorus music!

*fans gently* I know, I know. I think they've possibly had to cut the Quidditch because of the timing. Yes, it's nice to have in the books but it isn't really vital to the plot. Anything that is conected to Quidditch can almost certainly be worked in in some other way. It's sad - I like Oliver Wood and I like it when they are faithful to the books - but I can understand why they would want/need to and therefore am remaining calm over this.

I think you should go to the Newsround website and put up your compliants about not seeing them in their tight Quidditch robes though. They must get bored of only getting the same things (you do know that saying you want them in Quidditch robes because you like oogling them is a scary reason to want the Quidditch, right? ^_~)

I'm for the Speedo parade though...as long as Lucius Malfoy gets involved! *drools at image of Jason Isaacs in Speedo...*

And if there is no Quidditch, surely they can't put Cho in there? Never mind, most Harry fans won't give a damn anyway!

(Deleted comment)
Or maybe the movie makers will compromise and add a dancing speedo-ed Lucius Malfoy (Snake-cane included) into the closing credits!


*falls over and drools*

*is unable to speak for twenty minutes*

"you do know that saying you want them in Quidditch robes because you like oogling them is a scary reason to want the Quidditch, right?"

Perhaps scary! But at least truthful. (But it isn't the quidditch robes per se, it's the quidditch pants! I won't go into my description of how they tighten in places when the boys have their knees bent while on the broomsticks...)

And thank you! I just may go the the Newsround website to put forth my complaint! It just may cause them to see reason. Or maybe the movie makers will eventually compromise and add a dancing speedo-ed Lucius Malfoy (Snake-cane included) into the closing credits!

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