Natt (nattish) wrote,


--Has Harry/Draco disappeared (or have I just been friending a lot of people lately who don't ship that pairing and defriending people who do)?
--Where is all the Great Gatsby slash? [/rhetorical] I will write some soon. I must. It is my new goal.
--Also, Pan slash. Or just Pan fic. I don't think I am pairing-particular there. Little boys in tights, little girls in nightgowns.
--I read Lemony Snicket's first book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. I found it thrilling. I had a fic in mind for it, but I forgot. Then I read the next one and was disappointed that it was much too similar to the first to be as enjoyable; I realized it isn't the same sort of children's book as Harry Potter. This really is a children's book. I will finish the next one before I decide to be bored by the series.
--I really want to look up Daniel Radcliffe's robes.
--I really want Alan Rickman to look up Daniel Radcliffe's robes.
--I can't stop writing mpreg fics.
--Will post mpreg fest entry here as soon as it is beta-ed.
--Note to self: find beta.
--Note to self: make some coffee.
--I must read a book. I have been longing to read something that isn't fanfic. Life of Pi is right on the floor with a decorative bookmark stuck in it. So close, yet so far.
--Tonight I will make popcorn and watch "A Streetcar Named Desire".
--Finished the run of previous Shakespearian play (Merry Wives). Am now preparing for the next (Midsummer). Must memorize Helena's lines.
--Queer as Folk "documentary" on VH1, Thursday, 11 PM.

I haven't yet acknowledged on my journal Katie's lovely presents for my birthday. I received them two weeks or so ago. I am prompt, as always. She sent me a birthday card, which contained a drawing of Snape and a very Snapely message and it made my day (and it is sitting right here at my desk). And she wrote me a Sirius/Remus fic entitled A Dog's Taste, which I received in my inbox at midnight of my special day. It's darling. I Y katiethewriter.
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