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*pelvic thrust*

*pelvic thrust*

Today I finished two 20,000+ word fics, which I have been working on for less than a month. I have known larger accomplishments, but it makes me so god damned happy.

*pelvic thrust*

One of them is for the MPREG Fuh-Q-Fest. I finished it just in fuh-king time; the deadline is tomorrow.

In the middle of writing my entry a couple weeks ago, I was attacked by a much fluffier idea. I started typing it thinking, oh, right, pfft, I'm going to take this piece-o-crap seriously, and ended up abandoning my original fic to write that one. It turned out better than I thought, and with luck I then picked up the reigns of my fest fic, finished it, and---my god, I'll have hours tomorrow to read through it and edit and all that fun stuff. I haven't read one bit of it, except to remember where I left off, since I began. I'm worried of course over that fact, but yay!

*pelvic thrust*

I won't have time for a beta. :( I'll have to settle for that after the fest, once I post it elsewhere than the mailing list.


The only recommendable fic I've read out of the fest has been "Follow Your Heart" by ntamara and escapisms (Thank you, Little Needle, for informing me of Lux's LJ name!). I may have overlooked something. There have been more posted since I last read.


I have much more to post about. I feel guilty not doing so at the moment. But sleep is good.

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