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More mpreg; opening night is soon; Paris and London postponed.

--MPREG Fest fic is twice the length I thought it would be at this point. Plot makes me crazy. Should stick to chansmut. No. Endure!

--Opening night is in less than three days. Am worried. I'm usually not. I've never done Shakespeare. Always musicals. It may also have to do with the fact that I am quick sick: sniffley, nauseated, headache, etc. No sympathy, please; I whine enough. Oh, oh! Good news is I get to carry a big stick that makes me feel like Lucius Malfoy, though I try very hard not to act like Lucius Malfoy because that would be no good at all. I must remember to make a post or ten about the performance(s) in theatre_people, a community by sociofemme that I have yet to make use of.

--Was planning to go to Paris and London in June, but the trip was postponed. I am glad. I've traveled so much in the past few months I wanted to have a break. Plus, I currently have no spare change to spend on useless souvenirs, and that would be unpleasant.

--I want to paint. I also want to write. MPREG. I feel conflicted. I will flip a coin.

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