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Mpreg fest mention; to-do lists; stormy day.

ONE: I have just signed up for the MPREG Fest! Challenge #27---A veela and a dementor can successfully mate and produce offspring (submitted by Glam Gabrielle). Excitement. The words are flowing out smoothly already. I don't know why. It is such an obscure challenge, but it is interesting to do and does not look to be spiraling into the realm of novel-length fic (or even novella) luckily. I often have difficulty keeping my word count down (I am inefficient controlling subplots), which is why the things I do post are generally short and few.

I'm not expecting to enjoy many of the stories, but I look forward to completing mine!

TWO: Here was my to-do list that I forgot to post in January. It has been sitting in my To-post file. Yes; I have one of those. I like reading other people's lists for some reason.

January To-Do List:

--Finish Flashficathon fic(s)
--Attempt Vocab Smut Challenge
--Continue to beta massive story.
--Attempt to finish neglected Harry/Piers fic. Love that one.
--Maybe, perhaps look into Snape/Lupin Fest.
--Feed cat. He appreciates that.

And now. February To-Do List:

--Study lines.
--Find an archive for fics. Have posted nowhere for months.
--Attempt to finish neglected Harry/Piers fic. Still love that one.
--Feed cat. He still appreciates that.
--Resign from beta-ing massive story. Too massive.
--Continue with MPREG fic.

THREE: Why is it when I have the most to do I get the least amount done? The only time I am responsible and working is during a holiday. Sad but true. Totally unrelated---the other day it stormed harder than I recall it recently doing in the area. I've rarely been physically moved by the wind; the rain hurt my face with its force; my hair tie-er-upper-thingy was blown loose. I'm glad The Cat was inside in a lazy ball getting fur on the furniture. He would not have found it pleasant.

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