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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

Racial Insensitivity. Whip me.

I'm burned out at the moment on same-sex marriage. But here is something equally as controversial because I'm in an excitable mood.

Why do I bother reading articles that will infuriate me? This one is old, but the topic is always emotional for me:

This chap is more African-American than any of the others at his school--I am sure. He is a native born African and that is that. You are not an African-American unless you were once a citizen of an African country, for the love of God; I don't care how dark your skin is, bastard.

What kind of idiot needs a Highest Achieving African-American Student Award (see photo) in the first place? If you can't get the Highest Achieving Skin-Color-Doesn't-Matter-in-the-Least Student Award and you need to make little subgroups to acheive something great, apparently you just aren't good enough. I am steaming. I will now cool off.

Okay. I won't.

It is atrocious when a student's education is interrupted by the possibility of hurting an unspecific group of students' feelings. It's atrocious when someone else's "feelings" matter any more than another person's right to make his own choices. Offense!--That is what Americans are most afraid of: No, no, we shouldn't say this word, it might (perhaps, perchance, oh maybe!) offend them--and their sacred ancestry (or their gender, or sexuality, or religion).

And I still don't care how dark your skin is. Or pale for that matter.

And I don't care whether you grovel under an invisible man called God or a six-sided star thingy or a statue of a fat Chinese guy or Allah almighty. Or whether you flip your hand and sport a rainbow flag or whether you drink twenty-four beers a day and beat your wife and fondle your kids. Because you should always have your freedom of speech (or text!) in this country.

It is Amendment number one. Should that not mean something?

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MPreg fest? Sounds like fun. Do you have room for one more fest -?

Percy Ficathon! We're on!


Yes! MPREG! Fun!

I voted for the Percy Ficathon in your poll and have been thinking about it; sounds like a good time, but I am, ah, nervous about the pairings listed, so I will be thinking about it for a day or two. :)

Oh, I'm not randomizing the challenges. People are saying what they want to write and they're getting it. This isn't a 'grab-bag' ficathon so there's no reason to worry about what you might get.

I'm going through a great deal of trouble to match people with the right stories. It's more work for me that way but I think you end up with better quality stories in the long run. gmth did that with merry_smutmas and I'm following her example.


wow. i read that article. i agree with you that we should always have our FREEDOM of SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always.

Yes. It is what I am most passionate about of all these political discussions. A very sacred thing.

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