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Freudian Slip; Less than a month till production; support of mpreg.

--How could I do such a clumsy thing? I wrote in my last entry (until I fixed it) that smoopy wrote my ficathon request, when really I wrote hers and jain wrote my Harry/Ron fic. I feel so clumsy and ungrateful---but that's not the case! Well, I might be clumsy, but not ungrateful. Forgive me, forgive me, even though you are not on my flist to see this, jain! NARGH. (But smoopy is still my Valentine because she is the nice sort.) :)

--Also, look, look, you must, at this: a lovely post in support of MPREG. The writer's reasons are interesting and she is quite practical-sounding. Found it via lasultrix.

--Less than a month until opening night of The Silly Shakespearian Play to Which I Have Sacrificed My Soul and I Hate it with Passion Yarghnargh. I don't like Shakespeare. I don't understand it (much). Why? Why, why, why? Because I know if I don't force myself to audition for local things I will spend all my free time on the computer, which is probably not healthy. And I actually read books there instead of fic (no, not the script. What do you think I am--an actor?) while I'm not on stage.

--I think I'll have something fattening for dinner. And then Valentines chocolate from parents (those silly folk). Mm, lard.

--This is a magnificent fic: Freudian Slip by Arianne. It's sappy, which I don't think I am, but it is beautifully written. I think you might enjoy it even if you're not into Harry/Ron. Thanks again to fiendling.

EDIT: I think I need a Harry/Ron icon. Or at least Ron.

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