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Wee talking Draco Malfoy.

This is the funnest waste of time ever and it is all because of fiendling: Little DWACO talks about little boy things.


When I was small I liked to imagine that all my favorite historical figures (real ones or ones from books or movies) could come forward in time and meet me, and I could show them all the neat technology that they never had, and they would be so impressed with me! I am surprised I never wrote a story like that. I have lots of old stories, but I tended to write about my cat and his cat friend or about aliens. Never about people. But I always thought about people and I was always in my imagined stories, showing people things and being amused at their wild or confused reactions (my own Mary Sue stories! <3).

Perhaps that is why I enjoy fics wherein the wizard who has never been to the Muggle world is forced to go live there. They are very interesting. The same goes the other way around with Muggles in the Wizarding world. That is part of the charm of Book 1, Harry's learning of this entire new place, with people and words and gadgets and subjects and food he'd never dreamed could have existed. Mmm. It dwindles through the books, of course, as he gets used to the Wizarding world. I want to reread the first book now. But first I will search for stories of the sort.

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