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And So it Begins...

Ah, when I usually begin a journal I revel in the sweet scent of fresh paper. But! This is a bright and blinding computer: not remotely within the proximity of the greatness of a crisp piece of binder paper (or parchment, of which I've grown very fond recently). Unfortunately, my preferred journal (or 'diary' for you feminine types) is and cannot be public. ...Well, presumably so. So, I start in this month of February...a nifty computer-y bit of writing in which to keep track of my favorite online things! And things relating to my favorite online things, of course.

I believe it would be a good thing to comment on memorable stories each entry, as everyday nearly, I read something new. So, the...'honor' of being the first story of the day goes to:

Empress of the Eclipse for Under Your Spell

This is a very original piece of work (as both of the author's other Harry Potter stories). Whether the story is fluffy or angst-y, I always refer to it as lovely if I like it; and this story is quite lovely! Harry's situation at Malfoy Manor (being kidnapped and having amnesia) is very well described. Empress of the Eclipse seems to have a very clear and to-the-point writing style, which is enjoyable. The pairing is Harry/Draco and the genres are angst/romance. They seem wonderfully in character--Draco is quite disgusted at having to pretend to be Harry's boyfriend--and I am on the edge of my chair needing to know how their feelings will become sincere. It is incomplete, but I have faith it will turn!

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