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  • Music:; YAY, I finished Flashfic! is one perverted site when it comes to its section on homosexuality. Homosexual Urban Legends is absolutely filled with anti-gay articles, not just homosexuality, but homosexuals themselves. You know, the people waiting to get their hands your children to indoctrinate them into the corrupt and hazardous lifestyle in order to move forward their carefully plotted conspiracy to dismantle the American family. I paraphrase. And the banner that I saw before I clicked the link? Hideous: A wide-eyed child and a frightening man in a green, monster-like light---

While I would have understood if they had been ranting about homosexuality in reference to, I don't know, their such-and-such religion---understood, not agreed with---or whatever other customary argument, I was shocked to see such blatant attempts to make all homosexuals sound like utter perverts themselves. Some of their "fact-based reports": Homosexual Propaganda Campaign Based on Hitler's "Big Lie" Technique; Homosexuals Recruit Public Schoolchildren; and Homosexual Sex = Death from HIV Infection

Really, now! Naturally they are entitled to think and say what they wish, but they only make themselves out to appear hateful and entirely intolerant---and that's no good at all if you want to promote an idea in this country and be taken seriously.

(I was taking this poll, by the way, when I noticed the rest of the site's content.)


On a brighter note, I finished my Flashfic! Cheer!

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