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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

My Area, Flashfic, desk for lappy, 108 friends, Ryan GOOSE.

--How interesting! I have a paid account, at last, and I used the directory searchy thingy to find people in my area. I thought, "There is no way anyone on livejournal will be from this tiny crap of a town," but not only were there about twenty people from this area, there was one person whose name I regularly noticed around these HP fandom parts, who seems to write well and be popular, and who I had considered friending a few times. I don't remember why I never did. I still haven't, because her entries are uninteresting, but it is good to know there is someone nearby who likes this sort of thing. It's exciting.

--Writing the Flashfic is fun. I was lucky with the pairings I received and I think I will succeed. I need to wrap it up soon; I have gone past 2000 words and nothing has actually happened. Not really.

--I now have a desk on which to keep my laptop. It is much more convenient than my lap on my bed. Now I need a desk chair, so that I might put the kitchen chair back where it belongs.

--Dear me, I told myself I would never go over 100 friends and looky! 108 friends. Too much. So distracting. Perhaps I will poke around and clear out some communities and friends I have not been interested in for a while. I would be on the computer so much less and that is good.

--I have bowed to Put Me in the Car by Ryan Gosling and have listened to it probably 25 times since yesterday. Also, I love crimson_stained.

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*gasp* I LOVE YOU TOO *declares love loudly*


*sings the song off key*

MEEEEEEP! I am requited! <333333333

*smooches soundly*

That is the best song ever, I swear.

I adore Ryan Gosling!

He is delectable. I love your icon. I bet it tastes great. *slurps*


Yes, it totally does.

Can I tell you how cool it is that he's Canadian. *proud of my hot country-men* :P

Oh yes.

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