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Computer blues, RoTK tickets, squick fic #1

[One] I purchased tickets to The Return of the King several hours ago. I'm going with a gal at midnight tomorrow. I should be thoroughly exhausted the next morning. Can't wait.

[Two] My first 100 words of Harry Potter squick. Hurrah! Took me long enough.

[Three] I loathe instant messengers. I have written these words before and have no clue why I downloaded a Yahoo one in a spurt of loneliness a couple months ago. It bored me then, so I ignored the fact that I had it. Recently I was lonely and within less than 24 hours of posting my screen name (again) in my LJ profile for passersby to see and say, “GASP! It is Natt--I shall converse with the poor dear!” some weirdo sent me a message saying some absurdities about having some sort of information about my computer and would be hacking into my it and destroying it if I did not give him or her (probably her) the password to my LJ account.


As a few of you know, I have zero knowledge of how most anything electronic works so I panicked and blocked the person and uninstalled the messenger. Afterward I realized that if the person was capable of hacking into my system it would not have made a difference if I had the messenger, I am sure. I hate the Internet.

If you are reading this, cold-hearted one, may you get cancer in your ovaries.

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