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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Computer blues, RoTK tickets, squick fic #1

[One] I purchased tickets to The Return of the King several hours ago. I'm going with a gal at midnight tomorrow. I should be thoroughly exhausted the next morning. Can't wait.

[Two] My first 100 words of Harry Potter squick. Hurrah! Took me long enough.

[Three] I loathe instant messengers. I have written these words before and have no clue why I downloaded a Yahoo one in a spurt of loneliness a couple months ago. It bored me then, so I ignored the fact that I had it. Recently I was lonely and within less than 24 hours of posting my screen name (again) in my LJ profile for passersby to see and say, “GASP! It is Natt--I shall converse with the poor dear!” some weirdo sent me a message saying some absurdities about having some sort of information about my computer and would be hacking into my it and destroying it if I did not give him or her (probably her) the password to my LJ account.


As a few of you know, I have zero knowledge of how most anything electronic works so I panicked and blocked the person and uninstalled the messenger. Afterward I realized that if the person was capable of hacking into my system it would not have made a difference if I had the messenger, I am sure. I hate the Internet.

If you are reading this, cold-hearted one, may you get cancer in your ovaries.

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*slays person for scaring you*

I'd not worry _too_ much. If they honestly had the tech knowledge to hack your computer they'd be unlikely to be trying to coerce your lj password out of you. They'd either have better thigns to do or much much worse things to do.

*nods* I agree with *points up* that person. If they had any info about your computer, they would have blown the thing to smithereens. Trust me, I can tell you from experience, people that hack into your email/LJ will do much more.

And now for something completely different... *glomps* I love the card! Just got it today. *grin* Oh, and there's an even bigger and glompier thank you on my journal. *wink* It's just that great! *glomps*

*runs off*

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