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Delight, movies, light and champagne, Katie's letter, search engines.

MOVIES: I saw Elf yesterday. It was more cute than funny, but I enjoyed myself.

I am incredibly excited to see Peter Pan. I never liked the Disney cartoon (I believe it was Disney), but I always loved reading about Peter Pan and seeing plays and hearing about him because I have always loved magical places and what is more magical than a flying lad in tights? One of you recced a Peter Pan/Harry Potter crossover at some point in the past (little_needle, it may have been?) and it made my day. I love magic.

I am in a good mood. I talk about amazing and grand things and everything thing is superb and stupendous and beautiful and the world is filled with art when I read The Great Gatsby and everything makes sense though it has nothing to with anything else and life is wonderful when life is magical because Fitzgerald has delightfully woven sentences and everything is bells and champagne and light and breezes even when tragedy strikes!

I am equally excited to see The Return of the King. I have been looking forward to seeing Shelob on screen for years. Dear me oh my, this will be good.

SEARCH ENGINES: Thank you very, very much to brokendream, venivincere (I just now replied to you!), and isiscolo, who offered help to me when I could not seem to access any major search engines about a week ago. I still cannot, nothing has worked, but what can a human do? I will endure with my quest for adequate searching. does not cut it.

DUCKIES: Katie, my dear, I have received your card and I thought it was the most wonderful thing I had seen in a long time. I don't know the last time I had a card for the sake of having a card in the mail. And you wrote me a letter! Thank you!

It was raining that day and the envelope was soggy (and is now sitting next to me with dried water spots) and if that was not enough--I did not know for the life of me who this Katie person with the surname I could not pronounce was. Then it hit me--it was Katie...Katie from the Internet! You have handwriting like my cousin, and that is not relevant in the least, and I loved the little boy dressed up as a duck on the cover. *warm and smushy*

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