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Fucking search engines, Thanksgiving blues, lack of gen.

A: Would anyone have an inkling why I haven't been able to access major search engines for the past few weeks?--Google, Askjeeves, Yahoo, etc? I thought it might just go away, but it didn't, and now this is really bothering me. Has anyone ever experienced this?

I figured it might have to do with the search bar I downloaded (and it is awful), which always sits at the top of my screen, because the problem started right around the same time. I removed the darned thing several hours ago, but still, no luck.

And I can't look up this problem on the Internet because--surprise!--I can't get to a search engine.


B: Happy late Thanksgiving. I spent it on a couch, with my Great Uncle, who is the nicest man in the world; my brother and his fiancée; my disobedient nephew; some deadbeat, waste-of-space cousins; and my grandparents, who are grand. My parents were at the hospital. My mother had an internal infection of some sort.

My cat is the love of my life.


C: I am tired of pairings for now. I want gen.

And that does not mean gen + a wee splash of het (which seems to make its way into gen sometimes). It means genitals do not exist for the duration of this story.

I would search for some if I were capable (see section A).
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