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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Fucking search engines, Thanksgiving blues, lack of gen.

A: Would anyone have an inkling why I haven't been able to access major search engines for the past few weeks?--Google, Askjeeves, Yahoo, etc? I thought it might just go away, but it didn't, and now this is really bothering me. Has anyone ever experienced this?

I figured it might have to do with the search bar I downloaded (and it is awful), which always sits at the top of my screen, because the problem started right around the same time. I removed the darned thing several hours ago, but still, no luck.

And I can't look up this problem on the Internet because--surprise!--I can't get to a search engine.


B: Happy late Thanksgiving. I spent it on a couch, with my Great Uncle, who is the nicest man in the world; my brother and his fiancée; my disobedient nephew; some deadbeat, waste-of-space cousins; and my grandparents, who are grand. My parents were at the hospital. My mother had an internal infection of some sort.

My cat is the love of my life.


C: I am tired of pairings for now. I want gen.

And that does not mean gen + a wee splash of het (which seems to make its way into gen sometimes). It means genitals do not exist for the duration of this story.

I would search for some if I were capable (see section A).

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(Deleted comment)
A: Bah! Thank you just the same. :)

B: Mine squeaked at me the moment I read that. What a lovely coincidence!

C: Heh. Pre-slash is gen in my books. A Nick in Time I have read, and it is one of my favorite stories! Very sweet.

The first story you mentioned I have never heard of, but I will be sure to check it out. The title itself sounds interesting.

There should be more pimpage in the world! I will make time to check out both your work and Mousapelli's; I take so long to read things these days that this stock you have given me should keep me satisfied! Thank you very much. :)

mmh. Maybe a firewall? I noticed some sites wouldn't load for me when my firewall is on. You could always download Copernic and use it as a search engine 'til you know why you can't access them anymore.

As for point A: how did you remove the search bar from your machine, and which search bar was it? Let me know and I will (hopefully) be able to tell you what to do about it. Usually with these things, even if you uninstall, they leave components behind that run, even though the program is no longer there to control them. Kazaa, for example, leaves it's peer-to-peer stuff behind that continues to run if you don't remove it explicity using the uninstall utility, even if you correctly uninstalled Kazaa.

I don't have any clue what sort of search bar it was unfortunately. I uninstalled it in a fit of anger and did not care too check, and that was probably stupid of me. When I did uninstall it I used went to the folder it directed me to and pressed the button that read "uninstall." That is the height of my computer know-how.

Thank you, and I apologize for taking years to reply.

I apologize for taking years to reply.

Me too. Here's what you'll have to do, but be careful not to remove anything you might need. Go to the Start Menu, choose Settings, then choose Control Panel. When the window opens, choose Add/Remove programs. A box will pop up listing all the programs you have that can run on your computer. Check to see if something is there that belongs to the old search bar. If you're not sure, don't remove it -- copy the name of the program down and send it to me and I can tell you if it's part of the search bar program or not. Then if it is, you can select it, click Remove, then everything should work alright.

Aha. I believe that is exactly where the program directed me when I pressed "uninstall" the first time. Yes, I went to Add/Remove programs and then removed the search bar. I went back just now as you said (and triple checked) but there is nothing there that has anything to do with a search bar...

Dear me...I don't know what to say!

OK. The next question to ask is do you have Win98, 2000, or XP?

XP. That one I can answer!

OK. Here's what to do:
Get on the internet and open up Internet Explorer.
Next, hit Control-Alt-Delete ONCE to bring up the processes box.
In the Applications tab, look for anything that looks like it might be a part of the search bar and write it's name down. If you don't see anything in the Applications tab, look in the Processes tab and see if anything there resembles your search bar or a component of your search bar. If so, write the name of it down, then click on it once to select it and click the End Task (it might say End Process) button. Try surfing and see if it works better. If it does, you know you've got the culprit. Make sure, though, that you're certain that it is a part of the old search bar. If you are, then open up My Computer on the desktop and search for the file name you copied down. When you find it, delete it. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Eek. There doesn't seem to be anything that has to do with the search bar in either places you told me to look. I am thinking it hasn't anything to do with the darned thing...perhaps it is my computer....

Hopefully I can find someone in RL who can tinker with things, but until then I will have to deal with below par search engines. :) I thank you very, very much for the help! It is considerate of you.

Oh, not at all! I am sorry I wasn't able to be of better assistance to you. Best of luck getting it fixed up!

Try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. I had this problem some months ago, and that was the solution. (I use Netscape.)

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