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Pic(s), trip (San Fran).

I am happy I am not afraid to scribble when writing is a mile away from my mind. Two versions of the same picture:

[1] Gray. I wish my scanner was better at picking up colored pencils (or any pencils really). Then I wouldn’t have to tinker with these computer programs. I have no clue what I am doing, but it is fun just the same. :)

[2] Color. I scribbled a background of a hanging lamp (though it could very well be a clear bucket…) surrounded by fireflies in front of the moon, and then tweaked the boys to match.

That’s enough Harry/Draco. I swear on a stack of Harry Potter books the next picture will not be Harry/Draco.

I just returned from a San Francisco trip. I love returning to routine. Mm, bed, food, fic, book(s). Goodnight.

EDIT: By browsing an interesting site, found through mctabby's interesting post, I have come across horrifying things:

hi my name is tom. i just read your fan fic with my girlfriend and we are both writing to you right now. we just had 2 hours of sex because u inspired us. we are 16. thank you. when we were reading this fic u should have seen genitil fluids were continually leaving my erected penis with joy. ty for making this day pleasurable for me and my sexy girlfriend

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