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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Long time no read, yo.

My day:

I am in a very Draco mood. Everything I think is in the voice of Draco. My inner-Draco.

My chest has never been this congested and I have never gone so long without updating my LJ.

Have spent all free time laying, ill. So warm—no, cold—no warm. Also, I have never gone so long without reading a piece of fan fiction. I am going mad, really, truly—the world is no longer whole. There is a giant chunk missing somewhere near Siberia, and I have no clue what I am saying. I would love to draw, but if I sneezed and my picture became snotty I would never forgive myself.

Yet I have been in the mood to draw much of today; since fan fiction in general was on my mind, Mpreg popped into my mind as well. I wanted to draw a pregnant man. That led to me to browse around malepregancy.com. Then I was sidetracked as I always am.

I went on to look up fetal development. The first trimester makes me sad. Don’t ever tell me abortion is all right; I will not listen. The second trimester is the most beautiful. The third trimester is horrifying, as it is so close to the birth. I am happy I do not intend to become pregnant. Ever.

But if the situation ever came about I would find a man and store the little bugger in his abdominal cavity for nine months. I’ll just need some placenta. Don’t look at me that way; I’m quite dizzy.

I never got around to drawing.

I would love to write something smutty right about now. I shall. Wish luck.

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wow, i didn't think it was possible, but i love you even more now. *hugs*

Why thank you. :D But which aspect of my entry has brought about this new burst love?

The first trimester makes me sad. Don’t ever tell me abortion is all right; I will not listen.


I'm so sorry you're all sick and stuff. That really blows. *frown*

Don't you hate getting that urge to draw/write/whatever when you really can't or shouldn't? It's the worst!

*hugs* Feel better, babe! *hands you a box of tissues with picks of Sev all over the box*

Thank you. Oh, what a lovely tissue box! I love it with my entire soul! :D And I am being decidedly exaggerative today. I don't know what is with me.

Yes, it is not a good thing wishing to do something badly, but not being able to. I have been pouting for hours.

Just have one thing to say...


Glad you like your tissuebox. *grin*

Hey... Are ya writing yourself some smut? Didn't you say you were in the mood for writing smut? *looks hopeful*

I don't know! I just liked seeing a man in a corset, and it would have been no fun to cut the bottom out of the picture.

Ha. Saying is easier than doing. I was sidetracked with a story to read and with an art program of mine. I don't know if I shall ever write smut--EVAH!

*hand to forehead*


Very odd, that's what you are. *nods*

Damn... I was hoping I'd have some actual real writing instead of the crap I'm scrounging for. Blech. I'm telling you, there's so much crap out there. *sigh* And Natt!Fics are always fabulous... I was hoping. *shrug* Oh well.

I should probably go to bed now... We'll see if I actually make it there...

*blush* Katie is too kind.

You should go to bed. It would be awful to fall asleep on the way there wake up with your head in the toilet. ...*ponders where on earth that statement came from*

That ass is just mocking me now...

Katie is not too kind. Katie is being selfish and wants to read good Natt!Fic!

Yeah, I'm going to bed now. I wanted to get past 13,333 on my novel word count. I'm TRYING to get my arse in gear and at least keep up on my word count so I can sorta kinda make it to the end of the month with 50k. *sigh* (I'm at 13530, so I can go to bed now. *nods*)

And I dunno where the head in the toliet thing came from... But like I said... Very odd. *nods*

DayQuil liqui-gel pills. (y) And very interesting links, madame. :-?

Why thank you. I just purchased those, as a matter of fact. And some very interesting Hall's Fruit Breezers Pectin Throat Drops majiggeries. O_o

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