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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

At last, for Lunadeath.

I tend to wait a day or two before posting writing or artwork to know for sure whether I am satisfied with it. I finished this just today and decided to take a leap and post it anyway, since lunadeath02 asked me to draw her smut quite a while ago. Besides, I have thrown away two other versions of this, and if I don't give it to her now, she will never get it. :)

So, this is for you, at last, Luna: Harry and Draco in their manly, shabby, new home--atrocious, peeling wallpaper included!--living, happily and smuttily ever after. Or something along those lines. NC-17.

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wow. thank you!!!! you're too sweet!:D smutty smutty smut!!

oh, and just a thought, but... why isn't Draco's hand on Harry's... er, manly wand? ^_^ ah, well. still good! :))

You're very velcome. It vas a pleasure!

Manly wand? As opposed to...womanly wand? :D Well, erm...Draco likes to watch Harry...cast his own spells. He's too lazy to do any of the work.

Too cute! I love the blush on Harry's cheeks. And they look so sweet and happy and domestic. Aww, it totally warms my heart. The curve of Draco's back is so sexy and I love that Harry's just splayed out on the bed, waiting for him. Sweet happiness! I love happy art.

Thank you! I love the blush as well, and I was secretly hoping someone would mention it...blushing is my favorite part of most pictures for some reason. It is a very pleasant and sweet thing.

Oh wow! I love the colouring. I gotta say I love this.

Thank you very much! I always have an especially difficult time coloring. I am still in practice/experimental stages, so that makes me happy to hear from you.

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