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Oregon, writing, drawing.

--Aha! At last, I have found the remedy to the I Cannot Seem to Write Anything at All disease: ignore the Internet. And it worked. I finally finished the first part of the blasted fic I have been typing up for a month. In fact, I disconnected myself entirely for a couple days and wrote twice as much as I had in a couple weeks.

Alas, when I am on a roll, I am just about to suffer enjoy a little trek up to Oregon for the week (goodbye!). The world is against me. I know it. I hear it laughing. Bloody whirling ball of rock!

It has been a very productive week in art as well. I have been drawing my bottom off, although more in original art, less in fan art. I am having much more trouble with the Harry/Draco smut picture I promised lunadeath02 than I expected. No worries, I haven’t forgotten!

And concerning my bottom_draco Fuh-Q-Fest entry, I have an idea of what I would like to write. But ideas are worthless if they are not put to use. I haven’t a clue when I will begin. Not this week. I have half-completed a drawing for it, however. Mucked it up when I tried to color it, but I can certainly try again. I am taking a charter bus on my trek; maybe I will be able to work on either the fic or the drawing(s) there. I am frightened of creating Harry Potter smut in public; it will be a great adventure. I also want to re-read OotP on the charter bus.

--No more chocolates in bed. I'm lucky my sheets are black; I make a mess.

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