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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Two recs, Makeup, and Loveliness

--Having a lovely day. Feeling pleased with the oxygen in my lungs and the blank paper on my tabletop.

--I’ve never worn “normal makeup”. I have, however, been wearing “stage makeup” since age twelve and still cannot ever, ever remember what mascara is. Just in one ear and out the other. Argh.

--I am basking in the charm of my favorite pairings.

In love with this story: Truth by thisveryinstant. Harry/Snape. It seems have been read by many, yet I did not see it recced once on my friends list. Well, lucky I browsed journals yesterday. Thank you, somniesperus, on whose journal I found this.

Such passion. Desperate passion. The same type that is between Harry and Snape at their worst in canon. I swore I was reading canon for a great portion of the story. There was great punch to the language. Good, strong words. Words stuck together with talent. And once again—passion. (Can I possibly elaborate on the word, for God’s sake?) It was as though the characters were before me, whispering and loving and hating—feeling actual human feelings. You have to admire an author who writes like this.

And anyone who does not love this pairing needs to.

Contingency by dorrie6. This Harry/Draco fic was gosh-darned enamoring. It was filled with angst and sweetness and humor and beauty. The only thing that disappointed me was that it was the author’s first HP fic, and so I cannot seek out more of her work! Thank you, bottom_draco, without which I would not have come across this.

At last, I will go write; I actually have time.

P.S. If I ever see the word pirate again, I will kill myself. :)

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Natt, my love, I can promise you, you'll never see the word pirate from me again. I very much like you, and I wouldn't want a little pirate-word usage to be the death of you. It would be much more fun if a pirate himself would kill you... At least if it was Orlando or Johnny... But that's a different story. But I'll not mention pirates again. I promise.

*puts up her only icon with Sev in it so Natt doesn't kill her instead*


*slashes throat*
*shoots head*
*sips poison*
*Avada Kedavras*
*walks the plank*

Oh dear.

*stops the blood flow and tries to bring nattish round*


The agony. The agony. It is unbearable.

I'm coming to you, Sirius! :D


*rushes nattish to hospital where she is surrounded by sexy doctors*

Sexydoctorno1: Quickly! She needs a blood transfushion! Restart her heart! AND TURN ALL THE DAMN LIGHTS OFF WOULD YA, THAT WAY SHE CAN'T GET INTO THEM!

Sexydocno2: Do you think she'd be convinced if we told her Sirius was gay and shagging Snape?

Sexydocno3 (Lupin in disguise): He was WHAT?! I mean...yeah, that might work! As an emergency measure that is...

If you're trying to keep me from dying you're doing a bloody terrible job! I just choked on my crackers with laughter! >:O


Well, I didn't know were eating crackers!

Next time, put the crackers down before reading my comments!

(this seems to be common, someone else said I did that to them too! I'm obviously destined to kill people with my super wit. Bugger.)

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