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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Icon, Irritability, Calculus.

I have oodles of irritability of late, and it’s everyone else’s fault. :)

Friend: *slurps drink*
Natt: *ignores*
Friend: *burps*
Natt: *glares*
Friend: *burps again*
Natt: *sneers*
Friend: *burps loudly*
Natt: Would you shut the fuck up before I shoot a bullet up your mother’s ass hole, you disgusting prick?
Friend: “…”

Yes, well, as you can see I am not fond of burps.

More importantly, I have completed both my entries for the HPChan Artfest and have sent them along. A wee section of one can be found in the following icon, which I have entitled Snape’s Big Red Cock. Except I haven't.

It was a surprise to me that I was fonder of the non-sexual picture, however, which cannot currently be found on the Internet.

Apparently, Calculus is difficult. And I have paid extraordinary amounts for a tutor. And now I will go not study.

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YOU'RE ALIVE! (Like I should talk.)

You tell the burping friend, Natt! >:O!

I hate it when people insist on making noise while drinking/eating. My mother burps at the kitchen table all the time when it's only us household folks. I want to smack her sometimes because it can get very annoying.

I only burp when I have to, see, and at those times my mother is burping only to piss me off. Or it seems that way because she does it right in my face and then laughs. *sigh*

Mmm, Snape/Harry art. <3s!

I hate anything to do with numbers or math. It's all very O_O to me. To think it used to be easy and then I get to highschool and am all hatehatehate about it. :P Stupid school.

Studying is crap! ;)

I'M ALIVE! And I'm a-missin' you and the Internet and lots of other things. And I like your icon.

Burping, ugh. I don't understand forcing it out...especially in front of others...whywhywhy? Is it fun? Is it a bonding ritual? *smothers self*

Thank you for <3ing the art. :)

Missing you too! It's so hard to keep up with things when you have homework and such.

Thanks! I made and found all new icons one day. Was getting really sick of my other ones.

Re: burping - For men I'd say it's a bonding ritual because men are just weird. It's just so strange. :/

Your welcome for <3ing the art. :D!

<3s you too!

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