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Icon, Irritability, Calculus.

I have oodles of irritability of late, and it’s everyone else’s fault. :)

Friend: *slurps drink*
Natt: *ignores*
Friend: *burps*
Natt: *glares*
Friend: *burps again*
Natt: *sneers*
Friend: *burps loudly*
Natt: Would you shut the fuck up before I shoot a bullet up your mother’s ass hole, you disgusting prick?
Friend: “…”

Yes, well, as you can see I am not fond of burps.

More importantly, I have completed both my entries for the HPChan Artfest and have sent them along. A wee section of one can be found in the following icon, which I have entitled Snape’s Big Red Cock. Except I haven't.

It was a surprise to me that I was fonder of the non-sexual picture, however, which cannot currently be found on the Internet.

Apparently, Calculus is difficult. And I have paid extraordinary amounts for a tutor. And now I will go not study.
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