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Remus recs, Dean pic, etc.

--Strawberry Special K bars are scrumptious.

--The Grapes of Wrath is my kind of book (thus far). Why have I never read it?

--Yesterday I saw I young man who could have qualified as either the child of Harry and Snape or Snape-is-my-daddy!Harry: messy black hair, green eyes, very thin, very pale, hooked nose, thick-rimmed glasses. I wanted to pet him. I was able to restrain myself. He also had a lovely little hot pink belt on. Go figure.

--I am perhaps on a Remus binge.

Thou shalt not kill by maeglinyedi || Harry/Remus || NC-17 || Gorgeous, shining, sweet non-con—‘tis all I will say.

He Said it that Knew it Best by Lexin || Sirius/Remus || PG-13 || This story, despite the pairing, is in Harry’s point of view. I am excited by descriptions of everyday living, with little conflict (just call me That Boring Person over that a Way), so this story really hit the spot.

Wicked Game by Jaykay, part I, II, and III|| Severus/Remus || R, R, and NC-17 || Simply satisfying, all around; I laughed, cried, etc.

Off to write. I have been very busy lately; I have been looking forward to this all week.

Lastly, isn’t the lad who plays Dean just the loveliest little thing in the land?


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