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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Draco Art

--I am progressing in--dum duh duh dum!--the Snape Quest. Snape is wonderful.

--I have been tinkering with this blasted Paint Shop program. I have succeeded in little and am still frustrated by it, but I will keep going. For the good of mankind personal amusement.

Completed my first little doodle done fully on the computer. I don't find it very beautiful, but it's my baby (almost literally), my first, so I am proud.

Huffy little Draco

My second was drawn by hand and colored on the computer. It is of Draco again, though only now have I noticed how similar they are (excluding age). Both frontal poses, both Draco, both dressed in green. I shall try something differnt next time.


He originally had long hair; I edited it out because I felt he already looked enough like a girl without those flowing locks. (It could have very well been a young Lockhart without that infernal smirk!) However, now the right side of his neck and his right shoulder look odd. Criticism would be lovely, yes, yes, indeed.

Dear me, I do hate Villagephotos.com. So very blurry. Does anyone know of any alternatives?

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(Deleted comment)

Either that or a flat-chested woman with bulge.

Very cute. I like them a lot, and about images: I can host you. They'll come out a tad clearer -- or save in PSP cause that's like the l33t program that actually tries to make jpg look like bmp. <3

Ah, thank you about the pictures, and thank you about the hosting. However, I have a nasty, proud habit of not taking offers like this from anyone (I wouldn’t even let a friend make a custom icon for me!)—it’s like…I prefer to make my own way no matter how large or small the favor. Thank you, though, once again, that is very generous of you! :D

What's this about PSP? I sort of, maybe, kinda, know what you're referring to....

Damn, when you said girly!Draco I was hoping it was fan art for my story :-)

Very cute.

Your story--I never thought of that! (It was gorgeous, by the way. I do wish I could acquire the courtesy to send proper feedback.)

Thank you. :D

Little huffy baby!Draco cracks me up somethng awful!

And I love girly!Draco. He's absolutely delicious. I feel like, as a mere poor geek girl, I am not even worthy to look at his young, vibrant trendy self. That smirk is priceless! And I just adore his pose, it is so restless and model-like. He is such a pretty pretty thing, and he *knows* it. Hee. Simply wonderful!

Oh, such lovely comments. Thank you for all of the above!

The pose, yes, I tried to make him seem as...dramatic as I see him in the books. Look at me, I'm right here, aren't I marvelous? :)

Excellent pictures!!!

IN other news, did I upset you or something? This is just the first time I've been defriended, that's all.

Thank you!

And no, not upset. See? ---> :D

I've been defriending lots of people, just on the basis that my friends list is rather difficult to keep track of, and I wanted everything to be Harry Potter oriented. Nothing personal at all. *pets you*

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