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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Canon!Snape and me.

While writing I am finding it harder and harder to make Snape as I want him to be—canonical. There are many Snapes I have read who are canonical, but obviously everyone’s characters are different than everyone else’s characters. There are a large range of Snapes: some are softer in private, the misunderstood types; some are sexy and with much, er…mattress experience; some are dark, cruel, with an absolute love for tormenting others; some are funny, their wit having been mistaken for cruelty; some have horrible pasts and push away anyone who comes close. The list goes on. Basically, it all depends on the author and the history the author sets upon Snape.

This is not to say that those Snapes are not done in a canonical fashion, no, no; however, it is to say that it makes it difficult to write the man without taking every other Snape I have ever read into consideration. My characterization of him, as I write now, is based on a compilation of every one I have read, in addition to JK Rowling’s in a way. (I assume this is normal.) It is not good to attach things to Rowling’s characters unless one makes a conscious decision in doing so.

So, I will discipline myself. Lord, I hope this lasts a day. An hour.

I will—oh shucks, I’m having trouble typing it. Ahem.

I will not read one smidgen of fan fiction until this story is a good ways through. Fuck, it hurts already.

However, I will read through every point of all five books that involves Snape somehow, and I will take notes on his character—every breath he takes, every word he speaks, every swoosh of his robe, every flying fleck of his spittle.

This is going to be both fun and awful.

I tend to just read fics from recs on my friends page these days. Livejournal has made me lazy in hunting fiction on my own. Only every once and a while do I actually get out there to search. It will not be enjoyable to take the link to every rec that looks interesting and stuff it into ‘My Favorites’ until it can be read. But what must be done must be done.

And a quiz to prolong the subject:

You are an Orthodox Snapeist.

You take Canon!Snape at face value -- like JKR
says, Snape is "a deeply horrible
person". You like to write/read stories
where he's portrayed as supercilious, unfair,
often undignified, and sometimes downright
cruel. You may accept some partial
explanations for his behavior when they're
offered in canon, but you're still pretty hard
on him, and don't like to let him off the hook.
The guy's a nasty, unwashed git -- it says so
in the books!

What kind of Snapeist are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Lastly, what many people have been reccing today: Nick in Time. Oh, pre-slash, how I love thee! I think it’s worth the read whether you enjoy Severus/Harry or not. Really. But I do not understand the PG-13 rating. It may have to do with ‘adult language,’ eh. It was adorable. Made me smile, cry, the whole works.

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Oh, lookie there, just posted TLB in whole-- *runs*

Sorry, sorry, had to do it! I'll take my spanking now!

(About how long d'you think it'll be? We might be able to work out a mutually beneficial schedule if our times are running on similar lines.)

Bwa! I shouted "What the shit!?" and went running to your Livejournal.

(About how long d'you think it'll be? We might be able to work out a mutually beneficial schedule if our times are running on similar lines.)

I, er, don't understand the exact meaning of your question, pardon me. :(

Sorry. *sheepish grin*

Just wondering if you've got any idea if you'll take a week, a month, what. :) I won't have this monster ready for at *least* another week, so if it looks like I'm getting ready to put it up and you need a couple of critical, temptation-free days, I can hold off. :) (It's nearly four in the morning. I'm not coherent. *grin*)


Nah, it's quite all right! If I prod myself really hard in the head ("No fic!" *poke* "No fic!") I'm sure I'll be able to hold off reading anything (including your monstrous story!). Thanks. :D

No probs, just wanted to make sure I wasn't disrupting the writing process. :) It's sacred, ya know!

While writing I am finding it harder and harder to make Snape as I want him to be - canonical.

The mods at snapesupport have a website up just for this: Snape Support Documents. It's a new website, but you might find it useful, especially forked's survey of all the scenes Snape is actually *in* in the books.

And of course, you're always welcome to rant or ask for help in snapesupport.

Wow. Thank you very much! I think you've just saved my day.

*shakes hand profusely*

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