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Hungry, Apparation, too much slash, mpreg. Fic: Coils of Gold.

--I am so very hungry. Heavens, I want soup. And Chicken. Barbequed ribs. Potatoes (mashed, French fries, and those chunky, seasoned, fried kind Father makes); bread (buttery roles, French bread, lovely breadsticks, and, hell, Iron Kid’s); steak; noodles (Oh, macaroni!); not a pizza person, but I’d dig something very cheesy, with little sauce, black olives, lots of pepperoni (but if it’s burned around the edges I’m suing!) and damn it, I don’t care how many calories it has, I want stuffed crust; chimichangas (!!!); a really big, fat sandwich, no mustard, or else I’ll cut you (pastrami, mild cheddar, mayo, lettuce, olives, dill pickles); those really thin noodles that I can never remember the name of (Thai? Or something?) because Asian food makes no sense; California rolls (!); Chevy’s floutas. And a light salad. I’m watching my waist. *snort*

--There will be no “group Apparation,” bitches, no Apparation of any sort unless it is one person Apparating himself. There is proof, and I shall not be bothered to type it, for it is too obvious not to be noticed on its own. And MS Word, if you auto correct Apparate to Apparatus one more time I will beat your mother. And her babies.

--How Natt knows that Natt has had just a smidge too much slash put into Natt’s brain: I read a line from something or other, which went something like “Hermione let go of her husband’s hand…” and thought Wait, she can’t have a husband—she’s a girl! *foreheadsmack*

--I like mpreg, but will surely parish before I find any enjoyable mpreg fics. I have only ever known two worth reading all the way through, I believe: One Harry/Draco published a while back, which I cannot find for the life of me, with a title I do not know either; and one Severus/Sirius by titti, which I came across several months ago. Damn you world, if “magic” and “god” and “true love” are worth writing about, then why aren’t pregnant men?

But I have found another just now, and I am at least marginally satisfied, considering it is 7:00 AM and I have not slept. Was surprised by it. Came to the end, realized the damned thing was not complete, looked down, and saw a link to the next part. Note the hour. Want to read. Want to know what is going to happen. Excruciating excitement. Not even gotten to the mpreg! :D

Harry/Severus, Draco/Ron, some lovely Oliver/Marcus, Sirius/Remus I think, but I am a bit fuzzy in the head. Of course, there are bad things about it, but I am too exhausted, whether by lack of sleep or lack of readable mpregs in the world, to care right now.

Coils of Gold, by Crymsyn.

Yay for the mpreg archive.

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