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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Eyeballs, sex scenes, Dean, Jacksons, story.

---My left eye throbs, though it is not a painful throb. Just one of those odd twitches that irritates me to the point that I wish to pluck the thing out and stomp on it. Which reminds me! When I was wee I had daydreams (plural, mind you, multiple day dreams) of plucking out peoples’ eyeballs (my dead grandfather’s in particular) just to see what the experience would be like. I wanted to hold them, taste them, chew them, roll them around in my hands. I confided this to my mother while I was still wee—she told me that I was a strange one and should never enact these glorious dreams. Still, they reside in my heart.

So ambitious! Oh so Slytherin!

---Question: Do you Europeans use the term ‘pooper scooper?’ :D

---Sex scenes, no matter the pairing, no matter if the scenes are within ficlets or novel-lengths, are becoming really—really—boring. Want to read new and beautiful smut. Want to read new and beautiful words. Want to read words that are not “Ohmygodyouaresotight.” Want to read something…different (?) before I melt from the fire of a thousand pent up mental orgasms. I am patient, however. And there are nicer things to read than sex scenes, I must remind myself. …No, really, it’s true!

---Have I ever mentioned that I had a minor obsession with the Jackson Five at one point? They were the Dean in my Thomas, the Willy in my Wonka, the Huffle in my puff.

*pelvis thrust*

---Snape/Dean Thomas is coming along slowly but surely, methinks. *snort* I write that in a way that implies I’ve actually completed stories that were written in more than one sitting. Still…I shall endure!

---Thank you, icarusancalion, for posting of Learning to Fly (Harry/Oliver), by Jaylee. It’s probably the most well done portrayal of Oliver Wood I’ve ever read. As Icarus posted, Oliver is more than just “cardboard.” It is a very passionate piece of writing.

EDIT: Score! Early 90s kids shows! Mercilessly wrenched from Katie.

Salute Your Shorts! You enjoy camping out with yer
buddies and playing tricks on your camp
counselors. Watch out for Zeek the Plumber

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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*gasp* Yay! DeanFic! There's not enough DeanFic in the world. :) *huggles Dean*

Can't agree more! *pets Dean*

My mum uses the term 'pooper scooper'

Helpful! :D Thank you.

Comment the first: Ew. Eyeballs? But I do get that annoying twitchy thing every once in a while. Pain in the arse, isn't it?

Comment the second: can't answer the pooper scooper thing. *wink*

Comment the third: I don't really write sex scenes, so it's not really particularly up to me, then, is it? *wink* I'll try to write my next one inventively for you though.

Comment the fourth: Good Lord. The Jackson Five, eh? *pats shoulder* I'm ever so sorry... *wink* But I'll admit that MJ himself had a big little fan in my house when I was growing up. So I suppose we're kind of in it together, huh?

Comment the fifth: Salute Your Shorts! I LOVED that show! *muah* Glad I could give you a smile. *wink*

I believe that's all. *waves* Bye!

1: Yes, eyeballs! Oh so delicious. 8)

3: Nope, not you. No one. Was being general.

4: Hey, bub, I still like the Jackson Five. *pokes* :D

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