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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt


katiethewriter has made me start thinking about Dean, which made me start writing about Dean.

While writing I have become a bit angry at myself. I’ve been thinking…doesn’t—or shouldn’t—Dean have a little more going for him than his ability to draw? Of the few Dean Thomas stories I have read, most of them highlight Dean being an artist, which is fine, fine. But what else is he, damn it? A boy…Muggle-born (hyphenated?)…who likes football…and…er—

This is Rowling’s fault! String her up!

*calm* I’m curious to know whether he will have a larger role in the books. I hope both he and Seamus have larger parts before this is through, though Seamus has had the tiniest bit more attention (especially in the movies). Dean Thomas, I will not allow you to become that token black guy standing right there, yeah that one, right there, mm-hmm.

Am now in the mood for Harry/Dean. Has anyone out there come across any enjoyable ones?


I have been “flamed”. Not for a story, but for a review. Oh, how the amusement tingles.

EDIT: Cherry, by jade1x2, is scrumdiddlyumptious. Harry/Snape. Have read it twice.

EDIT II: I have been thinking of Willy Wonka all day, and then out of nowhere my mother comes by and hands me a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am either a seer or have a very forceful mind! :D Proof: note the scrumdiddlyumtious in the Edit above.

Now that's a swell haiku:
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:ru_av_natten
Your haiku:is schmecksay and the
chronicles of my sleepy soul
sirius and harry
Created by Grahame

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You could challenge me to write one, me's in the mood. :)

I could challenge you? Really? :D

Should I simply declare You there, go write me a Harry/Dean fic! Or shall a prompt you?

Sure, just keep it under 400 words cause I hafta work on a report -- however, if you can wait till tomorrow, you can make it under 2k words. >P

Wow, yay. Either length (and time) is fine with me. Whichever is most convenient for you. :)

Let us see...I now challenge you, Sabbie, to write a Harry/Dean fic, which must somehow involve a flower, missing trousers, and at least two nice kisses.

*shakes head* I need to work on my challenging skills!

You're... welcome? I guess?

I don't think I've ever read Dean with anyone but Seamus... Maybe you should write Harry/Dean after your Sev/Dean. *wink*

And what's this about a flame on a review?? *looks at you funny*


Sev/Dean! Slurp. Maybe I should, but we shall see, we shall see.

About the review. It was an odd thing: I simply noted what I liked and disliked about the fic and told the author how to fix some spelling and grammar mistakes, and I received a reply from some rabid fan of the author's expressing How DARE you slander such genius? etc.

HAHAHA! I can honestly say I've gotten less than half a dozen flames (which makes me quite happy. I hate flames) but geez. You're only trying to help!!! Shameful. Honestly.

Indeed. Was awful. The fan refused to believe that the author could do wrong, though one would assume that the rules of spelling and grammar were not as bendable as she thought.

For example: Harry went threw the doorway. >:( Bah! I didn't reply to talk nastily about the author; it's the fan that irritated me most. *shakes stick*

You have to be joking... "threw a doorway" ?!? *sigh*

People like that are the reason there are people called betas.

*shakes stick*
Pimp stick?

*snortsnort* Yes, Katie, my pimp stick.



*giggles* I'm sorry... You know I had to... You just left it wide open. *wink*

*is still snorting madly*

*wallops with pimp stick* Naughty Katie.

*snorts with you*

Ouch. *steals stick, wallops Natt back* Mean nasty Natt!

If you didn't like it you wouldn't come back for more! :D

*pimps* *swats with Pimp Stick Numbah 2*

Ooo 2 Pimp Sticks? *jealous*

*takes up dueling stance* En guard! (However the hell the French is spelled... *sigh* I'm hopeless!)

And you're so right. You know I'll be comin' back for more....

Ya know, when we're stuck on that desert island, we gotta take pimp sticks, for the sheer fun of it. *wink*

I didn't see the Haiku till just now... HAHAHAHAHA! It's got "schmecksay" and Sirius and Harry all shoved together... Plus it's relativly coherent! *grin* Impressive


*pops Natt's overly-blown-up chest with a pin*

*Malfoy-ish grin* Muahaha

Oi, I'm now bleeding all over the place, you devil! :D

*whips out icon that Katie doesn't like*

EW EW EW! Okay here, lemme fix...

*goes to bathroom door*
*grabs Arthur before he runs wild* Kittens stay in the bathroom till the Big Cat can stop hissing at them.
*stops Molly with her toes... Molly attacks toes* Ow!
*closes door, lets Arthur back down*
*gets Glo-in-the-Dark Harry Band-aids and peroxide* I'd find you a Sevvie one, but they didn't make them. Only Harry and Hermione, oddly enough. (Plus lightning bolts and Snitches and whatnot)
*distracts kittens with some yarn*
*scoots out of the bathroom*
*comes back*
*cleans up the icky blood*
*covers booboos with HP Band-aids* There. Better?

...They have Harry Potter band-aids?

And they glow in the dark? <33333 Swell!

*bows head* I'd rather Severus were sticking to my chest, but this'll do, thanks. :) Am content.

Yep. Harry Potter Band-aids. I haven't seen them in a while, but there was a whole box of 30 or something. I still have a few. *grin* And hell yeah they glow! I'm all about HP Glow-y stuff! *grin*

Call Band-Aid and tell them you want a Sevvie Band-Aid. I'm sure they'll help you out. *wink* Either that, or they'll think you mad. Never hurts to try, eh? *grin*

*puts up Sev icon to make you feel better*

Yay! Sev icon.

Perhaps I WILL write a nasty letter to the Band-aid company. Yeah, I'll show 'em. *puts up dukes* (I wrote a letter to the guys who make Cheetos once and they sent me back a sheet of coupons for a bunch of free chips! *waves free-chips flag* :D)

ooooohhhhh i read Cherry by jade as well. it WAS really nice!
i just smiled through the whole thing, and thought it just doesn't get better than this!!

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