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katiethewriter has made me start thinking about Dean, which made me start writing about Dean.

While writing I have become a bit angry at myself. I’ve been thinking…doesn’t—or shouldn’t—Dean have a little more going for him than his ability to draw? Of the few Dean Thomas stories I have read, most of them highlight Dean being an artist, which is fine, fine. But what else is he, damn it? A boy…Muggle-born (hyphenated?)…who likes football…and…er—

This is Rowling’s fault! String her up!

*calm* I’m curious to know whether he will have a larger role in the books. I hope both he and Seamus have larger parts before this is through, though Seamus has had the tiniest bit more attention (especially in the movies). Dean Thomas, I will not allow you to become that token black guy standing right there, yeah that one, right there, mm-hmm.

Am now in the mood for Harry/Dean. Has anyone out there come across any enjoyable ones?


I have been “flamed”. Not for a story, but for a review. Oh, how the amusement tingles.

EDIT: Cherry, by jade1x2, is scrumdiddlyumptious. Harry/Snape. Have read it twice.

EDIT II: I have been thinking of Willy Wonka all day, and then out of nowhere my mother comes by and hands me a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am either a seer or have a very forceful mind! :D Proof: note the scrumdiddlyumtious in the Edit above.

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