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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

My stories, my lip, and hopefully some advice.

Part of a review of mine:

Usually slash fics don't have that much humour in them...

Oh really. I don’t know whether to be amused or annoyed. Bah.


Three of my stories are up at last at fictionalley. I would also venture posting at Inkstained Fingers, but I have bad luck posting there for some reason in the past. My stories come out all jumbly and I do not like bothering the webmistress(es) for such things.

The Outing—Harry/Draco. Lonely, irritated, and (most importantly) itching, Draco finds himself victim to Harry Potter's regard during a most unpleasant camping trip. [There have been a couple odd things tweaked in it, but nothing, I suppose, to smack anyone over the head for.]

Garments and Critters—Harry/Snape. Severus is tortured by his husband, Harry Potter, and their son on his and Harry's anniversary with gift exchange and puppies. [Was not added to the New Fics section for reasons I am not aware. But bah anyway.]

Outward Beauty—Harry/Draco. Harry contemplates the balance of his and Draco's relationship. [Formatting weirdness at the end, which was entirely my fault. Didn’t notice until after I submitted.]


How would you feel about reading an entire passage in italics, dear friends? Is it bothersome in your experience?

There are going to be a few looks into the past in a story of mine and I am having trouble deciding how to go about it. Is it common to start out in past perfect tense, ease into past tense, and then ease back into past perfect? Would using past perfect continuously not be annoying for both the writer and the reader?

And I refuse to do this:


******END FLASHBACK******

Irritating as pie if you ask me. Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated. :)


Note to self: Remember to reply to comments directly after you read them, otherwise you will forget what you had to say and end up not replying at all. >:(


My lip is part swollen. No more nibbling. Yow.

EDIT: Is there a proper definition to the term 'drabble'? I would certainly not be able to define it if some person said, "Yo, kiddo, what's that mean, drabble?"

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I don't mind whole passages in italics at all, myself.

A drabble is strictly defined as a story consisting of exactly 100 words, no more, no less. Some people tend to bend that definition.

Aha! Thank you for that, and thank you for your opinion of the italics matter.

I love you, have I told you recently? Harry and a glitter thong accompanied by Severus leaves a brilliant mental image. *sighs* Come on Y!M

Heh heh. Thank yuh.

*is on Y!M now*

(Deleted comment)
Bah! Simple enough, I suppose. Thanks. :D

The flashback thing... I totally agree with the no ****FLASHBACK!**** thing. That soooo pisses me off.

What I usually do is do a little section seperation thing ( like so... ~*~ ) and then put the FB in italics. I think my second Oliver/Percy has the best example of that... (Questions and Answers, if you're wondering. *wink*) But yes, italics is a good thing.

And that comment in your review... I'm kind of torn myself with that... I thought quite a few slash stories were pretty good with humor...

Yes, yes, we don't need a glittering sign pointing us out to the flashbacks. We're smart enough to figure out on our own! :)

You wrote an Oliver/Percy? Dear God! *must read*

Yeah, I agree with one of the other people that commented... It does break up the flow of things.

I wrote two O/P's, actually. Congratulations and Questions and Answers. (Q&A is the one I mentioned before.) Enjoy, babe

I shall, I shall, I shall enjoy. :) *can't wait* *runs away*

You silly girl. *waves at Natt's retreating back* Have fun! Do let me know what you think, please!

*tears up*

The links do not work. :(

*frowns* Hold on a second... let me get the links again... *rushes off to ff.net*

Congratulations and Questions and Answers... hopefully those will work... *crosses fingers*

They work! *leaps for joy*

*grin* Glad you're happy, babe

AH... for me, a drabble is almost like a short ficlet... usually a scene or a character POV. i'm of the group who thinks a drabble is somewhere between 100 - 500 words

don't mind the whole paragrah in italics. *HATE* stuff like ***FLASHBACK*** ***END FLASHBACK*** totally breaks the flow of the story i say. not too cool with ~~~ to indicate beginning of flashbacks too... You either put the flashback in the front of the chapter or at the end or something... heh

you are my favouritest person at the moment! *loves* I was clutching my stomach laughing at your snarry! *chortles*

So many drabble opinions! I shall have to come up with my own personal definition like everyone else. :)

I was clutching my stomach laughing at your snarry!

*is flattered*

*shows up a day late and a dollar short*

Just wanted you to know I loved and have recced "Garments and Critters." Thanks for sharing it!

Also, there are few things in fanfiction more annoying than "*****Flashback*****". There are *some* things, yes, but not many. Also, "~~begin dream sequence~~".

Thank you very much. I am particularly fond of this fic...so I am, er, particularly fond of comments on it, especially after the odd things the site seems to have done to it. :)

"~~begin dream sequence~~"

*smothers self*

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