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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

The Chronicles of My Sleepy Soul #1

Any posts from this point on are records of my attempt to draw myself to sleep. And since porn is so much easier to find than things more wholesome and since I am not an individual who can draw directly from imagination, these will be for the most part, quite dirty or quite delightful. Depends on the person. Now.


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Oooh. Pretty. And cock, too. Though I'd note that that cock is a trifle... small. Really. *shifty eyes*

*sniggers* Who says Sirius has to be well endowed? :D

...is well endowed hyphenated? O_o

Nah, no hyphen. I was just wondering if he's Jewish, given that circumcision hasn't been performed in the UK as a routine thing since 1949. :)

Heyyyy... there's a bunny! (Not very canon friendly anymore, but, hey.)

Thanks! *chants: no hyphen, no hyphen*

The average male is six inches long. If he's anything under that, he's definitely not well endowed. I assume well endowed to mean eight or so inches plus. I'm either not very good at judging things, or the angle is slightly wrong, but Sirius' cock looks around four or so inches.


...Maybe that's why the other guy's cock seemed so gosh darned huge: the first guy's cock was just really, really small. :)

You are trying to turn me on at 11am. Damn you.

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