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Drawings #1

Bah! Damn you scanner! How was I supposed to know my lines needed to be super dark for you to pick them up?

Only a few of my pictures cooperated with the scanner. Of, course, none of them were the completed colored ones. Eh.

Seamus and Dean fucking like bunnies in the Headmaster's chair, which you cannot see because scanners are really demons in disguise. NC-17

Clickie here if you cannot see:

Harry doing naughty things to Snape in his non-existent office. NC-17

Clickie here if you cannot see:

Harry and Draco in the Gryffindor common room. PG-13.

Clickie here if you cannot see:

I shall color them, and then spruce them up once I get Photoshop. And the guys need more hair on their gentitalia. *nods*

EDIT: They should work now; if not, I left links; if THOSE don't work, then God hates me. :D
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