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I am unbearably tired right now. Stayed up until 6:00 AM drawing. I need to stop staying all night whatever the reason. Once I am awake, I am awake whether I am sleepy or not. This morning The Cat woke me around noon. I look forward to tonight. Bed. Sleep.

The good news about me staying up all night is that I have a pile of drawings next to my bed. Mostly crumpled around the edges because I haven’t a proper place to keep them. I don’t know how many there are, but its good to see that I am putting all that computer paper to use. I never print anything out. Not even fics, unless I am going somewhere for a long while.

Screwed up a drawing of Lucius and Draco last night. Lucius’ face looks too feminine, but I shall try again in the future.


I’ve posted for the first time at And, wow, it blows me away to see the amount of people who’ve viewed a fic compared to the amount of people who’ve reviewed it. I am now encouraged to review much more often than I do, which is only about half the time. And that goes for art as well.

Of Snape. This I like.

Have I mentioned this fic already? Thicker than Blood, by CorvetteClaire. It is one of the best lengthy Harry/Draco fic I have read in a long while. And, dear Lord, it’s actually complete. Imagine that. It was not something I’d long to read a second time, and some situations were abrupt (the ending, for instance), but for the most part it was readable and entertaining. Nothing outlandishly out of character. And there was a nice slow pace to it. Until the end. But that’s me.


Today is The Nephew's birthday. Four years old. I didn't belive my parents when they said it about me, but MY! They really do grow fast! He likes Hawwy Pottah and flowers and golf. Funny kid. Spoiled brat, though.

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