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Scanners, Snape, Smut

For some unknown (but appreciated) reasons, Father has declared that he will purchase me a scanner. And he threw in Adobe Photoshop for the heck of it (what version, I’ve no clue). Didn’t ask him to. Didn’t question him when he offered (what am I, an idiot?).

The scene went thus:

Natt: Oh, dearest papa! Do you and Mother, perchance, keep your old and broken scanner in the office yonder?
Father: My Natt, my life, my child, what could a respectable one such as yourself do with such an unworthy piece of equipment? That foul thing has not worked for years.
Natt: How I long to display my artwork to the world, papa! If only I could tinker with it to find whether it would operate at my laptop, then this could be so….
Father: No child of mine shall lay hand upon such a thing! I shall obtain for you a commendable piece of equipment and one of those newfangled Adobe Photoshops so that you might create for me art to hang upon the refrigerator door.

And so it was done.

Oh, papa. You make me say yay. Yay.


I like stories wherein Snape is Harry’s daddy. I do. But good ones are so very difficult to come across. I found Blood Magic last night and stayed up until 9:00 AM reading it. I haven’t done that since I read my very first fanfic. It’s an interesting read. I recommend it.


I am having a horrible time concentrating. When I am drawing all I can think about doing is writing. And when I am writing all I can think about doing is drawing. Or reading. My mind says Go faster, you’re wasting time, there’s so much else you can be doing, you lazy little worm, go go go!

Shut up, Mind.
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