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Drawings. Sperm Whales.

I realized at one in the morning that I was in the mood to draw something smutty. So, I whipped out the old #2 pencil and went to sketching. When I had the boys’ vague shapes down, I found out that I was drawing Remus and Sirius, but by the time I drew their faces I knew that was not so. It turned out to be Seamus and Dean in the end. Go figure.

Now, I can say that I have drawn Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas fucking like bunnies in the Headmaster’s chair. Now, if only I had a scanner. Gar.

It isn’t colored. That’s not something I’m great at, though the Harry/Draco picture I colored a couple weeks ago did not turn out horribly.

I’ve been drawing all day. Have come out with 4 pictures: The Seamus/Dean, two Harry/Draco kissing pictures, and one young Remus/Sirius picture, which I am particularly proud of.

*contemplates searching ebay for a cheap scanner*


Somehow, while researching candles, I ended up researching sperm whales. The Internet. Bah!

I like him, though. He’s smiling! :D


Just reorganized my books. I need a new bookshelf. I have no place to keep them all. There are some that I have to keep in a little cupboard not meant for books and some others stacked atop the same cupboard.


I would like to want to go draw more, now. It’s addictive and so much easier than writing it. Though, I am less patient for it. One unsuccessful picture and I pack away the pencils for several weeks. Childish, yes, but at least that’s an incentive not to mess up.

EDIT: Yay! Just finished a drawing of Harry doing naughty things to Snape in his office chair. I am proud of my first Snape drawing.

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