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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Movies, Music, Wankers, Me.

And some of you ask me why I don’t chat? *snarl*

[Takes place after jumbled dialogue involving a half-confused, half-amused me being pressed on the issue of my gender.]

Person: Am same boy penis
Natt: Indeed. How old are you, Boy with a Penis?
Person: im 19 i want to a girl overy
Person: you help me
Natt: I don't understand your request. Once more, please?
Person: i want to a overy
Natt: You want to do what to an ovary? Use complete sentences, man.
Person: overy is a bathroom place of female
Natt: What? You mean the vagina?
Person: yes
Person: u help me
Natt: How would you like me to do that?
Person: r u any girlfriend
Person: ?
Natt: No. I have no girlfriend.
Person: send me only one night
Person: im fuck her
Natt: I doubt she will make it there, as she doesn’t exist.
Person: ok bye yaar
Natt: Right.

…I don’t feel I accomplished a thing.


I have recently seen…

Monsters Inc. for the first time. It was delightful.

Treasure Planet for the first time. It was even more delightful. I adore cartoon-y adventure movies.

Catch Me if You Can for the first time. Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio were surprisingly good together.

Chocolat for the millionth time. I’ve never felt it was a particularly good movie, but somehow, I am always drawn back to it.

The Pianist for the first time, though I did not know it was The Pianist until the end because I didn’t catch the beginning. Pretty good for the 2.3 billionth WWII movie ever. Really, wankers, find something new to do.

I have not seen X-Men, Finding Nemo, or That Pirate Movie. Because I do not leave the house. Ever. Except to the gym.

One day, I shall resemble Snape. *nods*


I have discovered something to listen to besides Silverchair and the Vienna Boys Choir. It is a miracle.

Symphony X. I have never heard of this…Symphony X, however, I enjoy their (his? her?) song “Candlelight Fantasia” very much.


And now I will take a leave. Because I can. Hopefully. Goodbye.

: I have now changed my homepage from Livejournal.com to Dictionary.com. Yay.

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That chat transcript makes me think of ELIZA. Of course, none of you young'uns know what I'm talking about.

ELIZA, as in the Artificial Intelligence chat machine? It's very familiar, but for the life of me I can't remember if that's it or not.

Right. It was one of the very earliest pseudo-AIs, pseudo in that it really wasn't AI at all but attempted to give that impression by strategically echoing back bits of what the user wrote. It was supposed to imitate a psychoanalyst. Its transcripts looked like:

> I am depressed.
Is it because you are depressed that you are coming to me?

> Yes.
Tell me more.

> I am frightened by men wearing large hats.
Why do you believe you are frightened by men wearing large hats?

> They look like monsters.
What does they look like monsters suggest to you?

And so on.

Aha! Knew it was familiar. Also this. Yes, god, am now laughing all over again at that chat transcript.

have you read chocolat? i like the movie but the book is very different and goes into her being a witch and all. very interesting!

No, I have not. I didn't even know there was a book. I shall look into it. Thanks!

*cannot fathom that conversation* HUH?

I love Chocolat. It makes me crave old fashioned chocolateries, but that is usually fixed by a Hershey bar. ;)

Wasn't the little girl in Monsters Inc. the CUTEST little girl you've ever seen???

Don't say Hershey bar! (YUM) :D

Yes, she was a good little one. I originally assumed I would find her annoying, but I became quickly attached to her.

*roll eyes* Idiot.

Hence why I am a bitch to anyone that seems stupid the first time I chat with them XD. I am evil.

And The Pianist, I rather liked it. Granted WW2 might be overrated, but this one just captured me. Maybe because it was true and it was done by a director that actually lived through it made a difference. ^^;;

Oh well. And yes Leo and Tom Hanks (whom I love very dearly) were good in that movie :3

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