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Movies, Music, Wankers, Me.

And some of you ask me why I don’t chat? *snarl*

[Takes place after jumbled dialogue involving a half-confused, half-amused me being pressed on the issue of my gender.]

Person: Am same boy penis
Natt: Indeed. How old are you, Boy with a Penis?
Person: im 19 i want to a girl overy
Person: you help me
Natt: I don't understand your request. Once more, please?
Person: i want to a overy
Natt: You want to do what to an ovary? Use complete sentences, man.
Person: overy is a bathroom place of female
Natt: What? You mean the vagina?
Person: yes
Person: u help me
Natt: How would you like me to do that?
Person: r u any girlfriend
Person: ?
Natt: No. I have no girlfriend.
Person: send me only one night
Person: im fuck her
Natt: I doubt she will make it there, as she doesn’t exist.
Person: ok bye yaar
Natt: Right.

…I don’t feel I accomplished a thing.


I have recently seen…

Monsters Inc. for the first time. It was delightful.

Treasure Planet for the first time. It was even more delightful. I adore cartoon-y adventure movies.

Catch Me if You Can for the first time. Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio were surprisingly good together.

Chocolat for the millionth time. I’ve never felt it was a particularly good movie, but somehow, I am always drawn back to it.

The Pianist for the first time, though I did not know it was The Pianist until the end because I didn’t catch the beginning. Pretty good for the 2.3 billionth WWII movie ever. Really, wankers, find something new to do.

I have not seen X-Men, Finding Nemo, or That Pirate Movie. Because I do not leave the house. Ever. Except to the gym.

One day, I shall resemble Snape. *nods*


I have discovered something to listen to besides Silverchair and the Vienna Boys Choir. It is a miracle.

Symphony X. I have never heard of this…Symphony X, however, I enjoy their (his? her?) song “Candlelight Fantasia” very much.


And now I will take a leave. Because I can. Hopefully. Goodbye.

: I have now changed my homepage from to Yay.

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