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Bill and Dreams and such.

I wuv you Bill O'Reilly.

I want your The Spin Stops Here!, Super Gloss Coated Neoprene, Blue Mousepad. Except I have a laptop. So it would not be of any use. Except to look nice.


I am fond of that second in between being asleep and waking up when I realize that the nightmare was not real. Nothing to be afraid of anymore.

I haven't dreamt in months, and suddenly I dream four times within the same week. More precisely--two nights, two dreams per night. So, yes, adjusting to dreaming again is more irritating than anything.

Dream #1: It was a Harry Potter dream again. Who's obsessed? Who's obsessed? Peh.

This time I was not Harry Potter, but I was Remus Lupin during the Marauders Era, though the setting was in my own backyard, which was not in existence during the Marauders Era. One would think my subconscious would know these things! When I was a wee one I had a little "fort" that my mother built me out of wood and tarp. Inside it, I sat with Sirius (in front of me), James (next to Sirius), and Peter (off to the side somewhere). (I believe we were eating barbecue, judging by the paper plates, but that has little to do with anything.) So, I--Remus!--somehow became involved in a foot/leg war with Sirius during which Sirius' leg became lodged in between my own, his foot pressing against a very special spot indeed.

"Squeeze his leg between your legs, Moony, it'll cut off the circulation in his fingertips!" James said.

This made perfect sense at the time. So I did. And Sirius apparently found that arousing, which made his leg (the one in between mine) wiggle, which of course resulted in a reaction of my own.

"Keep squeezing, Moony!" James called.

I don't know whether I did keep squeezing because my alarm went off. *smacks forehead* The one day I set my alarm!

Dream #2: A much more or much less interesting dream, depending on the person. It was, however, "nightmare-ish."

I was able to transform into anyone I wished. While I was transformed into the body of some guy from high school, I used the Imperious curse on my math teacher, who wore Gumby ties--

And the fucking power just went out. I am literally in the dark. This has nothing to do with my dream. I am going to die--

The power just came back on.

Now I'm not in the mood to type about dreams. Instead, I'll go make my self useful. Or not.

I want to have a dream in which I am Snape. That would be excellent.

Am going to study my 501 Latin Verbs now. Hopefully.

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